American Girl Doll Tub

Emily chilling out in our dolls new bathtub set that we picked up at the American Girl store in Washington, DC.

American Girl Doll Minis

The first six dolls in the Limited Edition Minis collection from American Girl.

American Girl Dolls

My girls had to switch rooms after the shelf holding the dolls crashed to the ground last week. Now the dolls are enjoying a new view. More pictures to come as we reconfigure the space to maximize room to play.

Hope you are having a great summer! If you have pictures of your dolls you want to share with the readers at Doll Diaries, email them to Just send one or two at a time though and it does help if the pictures are clear, too. Let me know who is in the picture and if you want your nickname included (no real names unless you are a grown-up), too.