Willow Smith, Jada Smith at Kit movie premiere

Will Smith’s daughter Willow Smith with her mom Jada Pinkett-Smith and her brother at the Kit Kittredge movie screening. Willow actually plays the part of Countee, a street urchin in the movie so you may have to really watch for her.

The Kit Kittredge movie debuted in select locations a few weeks ago, but makes its big screen movie debut later this week. I am really hoping to get the girls to the movies this weekend so we can take it in ourselves. However, any Doll Diaries reader who wants to write a Kit movie review and have it posted here, may do so! Just send your review and how you want your name to appear to share@dolldiaries.com. Let us know if you took one or more of your dolls with you, were there lots of dolls in the audience, what did you think of the movie, what ages would enjoy it and so on.