Have you noticed that I am just a little excited about the premiere of the Disney Pixar movie BRAVE? We are going to a screening of the movie tomorrow night and I just can’t wait. Using two of the medieval gowns I have from Carpatina, we headed out to the garden to take some BRAVE photos this morning.

Ellowyne Wilde Dark Days

Dark Days Ellowyne – Elle – has had her hair in braids for days. When I took it down I thought it looked perfect to go with the Iris Fairy gown from Carpatina. Since the dress is for soft bodies 18″ dolls like American Girls, I had to do some creative pinning in the back.

Ellowyne Wilde Raw Edges as Merida

Raw Edges Ellowyne (Aine) just makes such a great Merida “stunt double” especially in the Celtic Princess gown from Carpatina that also needed some pinning to work.

The girls found a nice nook in the forest to stop and have a chat.

Ellowyne Wilde

The lilies make a great backdrop for just about any doll photo. Do you think they look like sisters or best friends?

Check back in a little while for today’s 100 Days of Doll Play post – I have been having computer issues this morning so I am running a bit behind schedule! And don’t forget to check in next Wednesday for more Wilde Imagination doll fun.