The Tonner Doll company (which includes Tonner, Wilde Imagination and Tonner Toys) had its annual convention for doll collectors a few weeks ago and while I couldn’t go, I was captivated by the theme – Tonner Air – and as photos of the event started to surface I found myself totally in love with a few new dolls. Each session of the convention had special dolls – all with the aviation or flight theme – each one more beautiful than the next. Thanks to Charlie from Dolls Behaving Badly – who was my gracious personal shopper from a far – I now have two more dolls to add to my collection.

Flights of Fancy Ellowyne TonnerCon

Let’s start with a close up of Flights of Fancy Ellowyne, who we have named Victoria. She has beautiful glass eyes and a striking shade of reddish-brown hair.

Flight of Fancy Ellowyne

Here is a closer look at Flights of Fancy Ellowyne’s dress. It is the most gorgeous shade of light blue, full of tulle layers, brass and leather Steampunk detailing and has WINGS.

Flights of Fancy Ellowyne wings

This is a closer look at her oh, so cool Steampunk inspired wings complete with gears and brass detailing. Flights of Fancy Ellowyne is a limited edition of 300 and they are all sold out as of now.

Flight of Fancy boots

Her boots! How awesome are her boots!

Flights of Fancy Ellowyne TonnerCon

My son has some cool radio control airplanes that are similar scale to Ellowyne making them perfect for photo props. Victoria practicing her wing walking before her first flight. For more photos from this photo shoot visit the Doll Diaries Facebook album (you don’t have to have a FB account to view them, just to comment).

I have been wanting a mainline Tonner doll for quite some time but had not found “the one” yet – that is until I saw the photos of the centerpieces at the opening event for TonnerCon. There was a pilot and two stewardesses – so classic!  I just had to have to the brunette – Stewardess Kay.

Tonner Stewardess Kay

Stewardess Kay is a limited edition of 150 made. She is 16″ tall and is on a Tyler body (one of the main Tonner dolls). She looks like a stewardess from the late 1960s but her styling is so classic that it never goes out of style. I love the details in her outfit from the decoration on her hat to her necklace to the wings on her jacket down to the polish on her fingernails and toenails – just perfect!

Tonner Stewardess Kay

I just love the classic styling of the stewardesses from that era (just like I loved the TV show Pan Am and the movie Catch Me If You Can) and think I may have to get the Madame Alexander PanAm Alex, who is a blonde, to go with Stewardess Kay. The Helen Kish High Flying Raven would round out my trio of aviation girls… but that is just a wish still.

Stewardess Kay by Tonner Doll

Here is Stewardess Kay checking out the propeller of the airplane she is about to fly in. There are more photos of her in the Facebook set I linked to near the Ellowyne wing walking picture.

A view from the shelf

And the latest view of the top shelves in my computer desk. From left to right – Little Miss Matched Girls, two Barbies and Stewardess Kay, the six Ellowynes, Madame Alexander, American Girl Felicity and Matilda.