Hi girls! It is Natalie and I want to start off saying, how are you liking Camp Doll Diaries so far?!?!  This will be one DOLLTASTIC SUMMER!  Today I did a little photography (in the blazing hot sun!) with the one and only, Queen of the Doll Room… Elle!

We start off this shoot with a stunning close up of Elle. This photo really shows off her dark eyes and deep red lips.

Now to her gorgeous Steam punk boots! These are definitely Elle fashion. High heel with beads, zipper, and lace?!? Oh yeah these suit her Queen status.

This definitely one of my favorite photos of Elle. I think it is the way her ponytail is slightly blowing and her head is tilted just right.

I can’t tell if its that lost look in her face, her posture, or the way her hair is blowing, but I think that this photo really captures the true personality of Elle, Dark Days.

Now for the final photo of our fun together. This photo is not crystal clear nor is it blurry. It has the soft blur in her face and if your look at her hair, it stands out because it is crystal clear. Then there is some bokeh in there too. I really enjoy this picture because it has all of these gorgeous elements in one small picture.

Featured in this post:

  • Doll and outfit- Elle (Ellowyne Wilde “Dark Days”) wearing the Black floppy skirt (2011), the black and white boots and striped tights from retired “Imperium Park”,and a plain teal shirt that we bought from an Etsy shop a while back.

Well girls, that concludes this post! I really hope you enjoyed! Watch for more posts from me this week. Till then, this is Natalie signing off. Click!