It is Wednesday so it is time to see what our Wilde Imagination Ellowyne dolls have been up to lately. In case you didn’t know, Wilde Imagination is part of the Tonner doll company and so is Tonner Toys – the maker of the new City Girls line. So while Ellowynes and City Girls are not interchangeable, they are definitely related – so we’ll call them cousins.

In case you missed the official introduction of Astor (renamed Arianna by Natalie) and Billy (who now answers to Becky), go check out yesterday’s post.  Arianna and Becky have been busy posing for photos, changing outfits and becoming part of the Doll Diaries family.

WHOA, WHOA, STOP!!” screamed Elle (our very first Ellowyne who thinks she is the head of all the dolls). “This is WILDE WEDNESDAY, not CITY GIRLS WEDNESDAY. It is Ellowyne day. The day where we are the stars,” she continued. “It’s bad enough that all those 18” tween divas get so much attention, and that new British girl, Amelia I think her name is, has been taking our spotlight, but now these girls!! Seriously?”

Meanwhile Arianna is dreaming about shoes – while wearing Ellowyne Going in Circle’s (Blair) dress. It looks good on her and Blair is wearing something else right now anyway.

Woeful Romance Ellowyne (Lillian) is busy helping Natalie do her history homework while Elle is having her fit. Suddenly Lillian hears Elle calling her name.

“Lillian, to the runway – now! Your photoshoot is about to begin!” commanded Elle.

“Lillian, why do you look so nervous? That “Crossed Purposes” jacket looks great with the new “Flippy Skirt” from Wilde Imagination.” said Elle.

“Have you seen HER, Elle? That girl is gorgeous and that Networking Outfit is amazing. How can I outshine that?” said Lillian.

“I must admit, she has some fierce confidence and those glittery stockings and layered dress are fan-tabulous, but Lillian, you are every bit as gorgeous and look amazing in everything you wear, too,” answered Elle, “you just need to find your BRAVE.”

“Oh, here is your BRAVE, Lillian! I found it hanging right here,” giggled Elle.

“Gee, thanks,” answered Lillian, “she reminds me of someone else that is new around here and is definitely gorgeous!”

More fun and photos from the Wilde Imagination Ellowynes (and their City Girls cousins) coming next week! Hope you liked it.