Happy Halloween to everyone!! I’m feeling kind of Halloween’d out right now – maybe it is because we have already done the costume party and that Hurricane Sandy has everyone’s world turned upside down this week. So today’s Wilde Wednesday is not Halloween themed at all, but I still think you will love the photos.

Ellowyne Wilde

“Hey Elle, what do you think of this new jungle gym?” said Lillian. 

“I think Megan hung it up here just for us!!” answered Elle. 

Actually, I don’t think that is what Megan had in mind for her necklace holder, but hey, the Ellowyne’s love it!  Lillian is wearing the Blustery Peacoat with white jeans and Elle has on the Fuchsia Jacket with her black leather pants. Both jackets are from the Ellowyne Wilde Hanging by a Thread collection. I won an eBay auction just for the jackets in the set. 

Ellowyne Wilde Dark Days

I can’t get over how gorgeous Elle looks in that fuchsia pink jacket.

Ellowyne Wilde Woeful Romance

Lillian just has the most amazing eyes. I am going to have to get Elle to swap jackets with her because I have a feeling the fuchsia jacket will be amazing with Lillian’s dark hair.

The beautiful Elle, one more time!! 

Have a great day and check back next week for more Wilde Wednesday photos!