Wilde Wednesday is back!!  Between Christmas and her birthday, Natalie got quite a few new Monster High dolls and their school. One of the Monster High dolls she got is Robecca Steam – daughter of the Mad Scientist. Our Flights of Fancy Ellowyne is quite fascinated by Robecca and Natalie captured some of that fascination in today’s Wilde Wednesday photos for you.

Victoria is giving Robecca the once over while Robecca is chattering on and on about gadgets, gears and dance class.

“See Victoria, you put one arm up and bend the other one like this, then spin!” said Robecca.

Robecca found the big comfy chair on the Ellowyne shelf and decided to test it out for herself.

So I just found the Robecca Steam Dance Class doll and I think I like her even more than the one we already have:

She is just too cute and I am loving her little hat! Do you think Victoria can handle two Robeccas in the house?

If you have photos of your Ellowyne Wilde dolls you want to share, please be sure to send them to me at share@dolldiaries.com.