Happy Monday everyone! For those of you who have not noticed yet, Doll Diaries got a whole new design over the weekend. What do you think?

In addition to the new design, I added 10 games to the site – all of the games were hand-picked by me and my daughter’s have tested them out. I am working with the designers of the games to get a few more “custom” games made – hopefully they can get them done soon.

Have you joined our forum yet? It’s free and there is even more doll talk going on over there. Plus, you can post your own doll pictures, ask questions, create your own polls, and more. The forum hasn’t had its redesign yet, but that is coming soon.

Did you leave your farewell message to Samantha yet? American Girl has set up its own Farewell to Samantha page that you can get to by clicking on the large red square in the upper right hand corner of Doll Diaries.

What’s next? Well, what would you like to see more of? Leave me a comment and let me know! I want Doll Diaries to be your daily destination for doll info, friends and fun!