doll party

Hi it’s Natalie (Alex17)! I know it’s been a long time since I last posted but, here I am again! I’d like to share my short story with you.

Once upon a time, three girls got a mysterious letter from a girl named Elle (Ellowyne Wilde), but nobody knew who Elle was. Calista (American Girl) read the letter out loud to the other two girls named Erin (Carpatina) and Taryn (Maplelea doll). Everyone was confused about the letter but, it had something to do with a party.

There was an address on the bottom of the letter and it was on the same street, so the girls decided to go check it out. When they all got to the party there was a lot of confusion. Erin thought the theme was a 1950’s theme, and Calista thought it was a birthday party, then Taryn came thinking it was a dance party!

Finally Elle showed up, she was a blonde with style and she was also kind of short. She was walking around the party with a plant and no one knew why. Elle said she was 14 years old yet she acted like she was 40 as far as the others were concerned.

So why did Elle invite them all here? Elle was new to the neighborhood and decided to throw herself a house warming party. After a while the girls all got to know Elle and decided that they could all be friends – even though there was no way they could share clothes.

But why she brought Julie’s terrarium? No one really knows!