American Girl Doll of the Year retired Kailey and Nicki

We have welcomed the retired American Girl of the Year Kailey (2003) and Nicki (2007) into our house this week. Last month one of my older daughter’s friends was visiting us from out of town and saw my younger daughter’s room full of American Girl dolls. Her friend was telling Nat all about the dolls she has and also said she was thinking of getting rid of most of her American Girl stuff because she just wasn’t into them anymore.

When we found out she had Nicki and Kailey and was going to get rid of them, we offered to buy them from her. In addition, she had an entire trunk of clothes and Julie’s bed she no longer wanted, too. JACKPOT!

The goodies just arrived and while we are still going through all the clothes to see what outfits are what, I just had to show you Kailey and Nicki first. Both dolls have had lots of love and I need to work on their hair to get it back into like new shape, but it is so much fun to see how excited Nat is about adding these two dolls to her collection. I also need to see about having Kailey’s legs restrung – they are super loose – but maybe not because we got the doll wheelchair too and Nat is very content with Kailey being wheelchair bound.

Even though the Girl of the Year dolls retire, you can still get their books at most book sellers and Amazon (click on images for details):

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And you can still find some of the dolls on Ebay (custom search for Nicki & custom search for Kailey) and if you are lucky you may find them in a thrift store, yard sale or consignment sale.