So McKenna’s farewell “party” is over and the girls have shifted gears! They are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new friend tomorrow, Saige Copeland.

Waiting for Saige Copeland

The girls have all changed clothes and have gathered outside the cabin to talk about welcoming their new friend Saige.

  • The cabin is from American Doll Room
  • The chairs are from The Queen’s Treasures
  • Marisol (GOTY 2005) is wearing Nicki’s Ranch Outfit (GOTY 2007)
  • Felicity (retired AG Historical) is wearing Nicki’s Meet Outfit
  • Callie (MyAG 39) is wearing the AG Horse Lover Outfit from 2005
  • Nicki (GOTY 2007) is wearing her Tie Top & Shorts outfit
  • McKenna (GOTY 2012) is wearing the Paisley Print outfit from 2003

Waiting for the American Girl of the Year 2013

The girls can not wait to meet her and have a year filled with horses, art and learning about Saige and her story!

You can meet Saige before the girls do! We will be at American Girl tomorrow and will take photos while we are there. You will have to follow us on Facebook or Instagram (@dolldiaries) to see the photos as we share them – but I will also post them here once we get home.