Hello! This is my guest post about my homemade American Girl House. My name is Vivienne and my Mom and I made a one room house for my dolls out of an old Kohl’s box. We decided to experiment with different rooms and these are three that we came up with.

The first is a 1904 dining room. Ellen Rose (33) and Nellie are enjoying a tea party. Ellen is wearing Rebecca’s school outfit and Nellie is wearing her own meet dress. The table, cabinet, and tea set are from The Queen’s Treasures. The small plates are from Hyvee, the cat is from a thrift store, and the art is homemade from a catalog.

The second one is Julie’s bedroom. Ivy and Anita(28) are sleeping over. The bed is American Girl, Ivy’s sleeping bag is Target, and Anita’s is homemade. The artwork is homemade from duct tape and a coloring page. The calendar is American Girl. Ivy’s pjs are GOTY Mia’s, Julie’s is a create a tee from American Girl, and Anita’s is a Doll Diaries tee.

The last is an American Girl store. Kanani is holding a catalog, Chrissa is reaching for a bottle on the homemade shelf, McKenna is checking out, and Mia is the cashier. The items on the shelf are made or accumulated somehow. The table is American Girl and so is the computer (used as a cash register). All of the art is homemade from a catalog, once again. Kanani has on Ivy’s meet outfit and Sophia’s pants and Hobby Lobby shoes. Chrissa has on Julie’s Calico Dress and MAG meet shoes, McKenna has on Kanani’s Party Outfit, and Mia has the Seaside outfit shirt and jeans and white fringe cowboy boots.

Which one is your favorite? 

Thanks Vivienne for sending these in – you and your Mom did a great job!