I am busy (ok, frantically) trying to get everything around here done today because I am leaving to go to New York this weekend for the International Toy Fair. I am so excited because I get to meet up with some of our awesome site sponsors and doll friends like the team at My Doll’s Life, My Pink Planet, The Queen’s Treasures, A Girl for All Time, Tonner, Hearts for Hearts Girls and MANY more! I will be interviewing their teams, checking out all the new dolls, doll furniture, doll clothes and general doll goodness while I am there and will have a TON to report back to you next week. If you or your parents have a Facebook account, you want to be sure and “like” Doll Diaries on there because I will be posting photos and reports there live from the event!

While I go back to cleaning, packing, grocery shopping and doing all the things we moms have to do before we go anywhere, go check out this cute Valentine video by one of our favorite DollDiaries contributors, AGOverseasFan. I just helped her judge a video contest she was having and those results will be posted soon (by her).

Also, you have plenty of time to submit your photos for our Virtual Valentine Reader Photo event! Just be patient with me getting them posted. I will be uploading new batches early in the morning or late at night as I can squeeze in a few minutes here and there.

Back to packing I go!!