Readers Rachel and Bethany converted a computer desk into a doll house with some help from their parents and were kind enough to send in the photos so we could all enjoy them!

dollhouse before pic

We had been on a quest to get a dollhouse for the girls 18″ dolls.  We didn’t want to spend a whole lot.  When our neighbor moved, they got rid of this nice computer desk.  There is a pullout table for a keyboard and lots of room.  It was quite large.  The first thing we thought was, “This would make a great dollhouse with some fixing up!”

This is what it ended up looking like when we were all done.  I will give you a tour of our dollhouse and how we fixed it up and made it fun!

We turned the top of the desk into a bedroom.  This picture is half of the bedroom.  Their doll beds came from their grandpa (who is now in heaven).  You can see Coconut’s bed made from Karen’s pet bed idea.  Mama made a trundle bed for underneath each bed for an extra doll bed, made from cardboard and fat quarters from Joanne’s.

This is the second half of the bedroom floor.  The chair was a gift from a great Aunt.  The rug we put down was just a peice of fun fleece we found at the fabric store.  We used velcro to attach it so we could was it later if needed.  We have made alot of our own bedding and quilts for our beds.

This is the kitchen.  We found the kitchen sink and stove at a flea market we went to.  The cute breakfast nook came from another aunt.  It was a display at Aldi’s store one summer.  We made the pantry space out of cardboard and scrapbook paper. There are two there, though you can’t see the second one very well.

This is the bathroom.  We made a double sink out of an AG box.  We attached a curtain and they use the space for bathroom storage.  The toilet is on on Charmin wipe container.  The shower was made from an Our Generation doll box. I got the shower idea from My Froggy Stuff.

This is the living room.  The denim couch was the pattern from Liberty Jane.  The duct tape couch was a fun peice of styrofoam that was in the perfect size and shape of a chair.  We covered it in duct tape and made a fun chair out of it.  We made your nut container table idea and added a homemade lamp and lava lamp and the TV was an old DVD container that we slip pictures from our favorite movies in.

This is our wardrobe area.  Target let us have the shoe storage boxes.  We hung them on the wall.  The wardrobe were also built by their grandpa.  We have a crate over to the side that gives us a place for storage doll suitcases and music stands and other stuff.  It also gave us a bit more room for living room furniture.

And, this is our horse, Moondust.  She was another fun find at a free flea that we went to.  We designed all the tack for the horse ourselves.

Thanks girls for sharing your great find and its transformation!