Zeenie dolls

Zeenie Dollz was one of the dolls I was really looking forward to getting more information about at Toy Fair. The concept doll, Zeenie, was born from a drawing from the owner’s daughter and a portion of the Zeenie Dollz profits will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund®.

So, who are the Zeenie Dollz? They are a line of fashion dolls made from recycled materials (now, what percentage of the doll is from recycled materials, I did not exactly get) that are on a mission to save the Earth from anti-environmental villains.  Each doll is 12″ tall, poseable, comes with a brush, a pet, bracelet for you, a poster and a doll stand. They are available for pre-order on the Zeenie Dollz website for $39.99.

Zennia – the flagship doll – is the protector of our planet. She is the planet’s greatest protector.  Surprisingly, she is the only one of the Zeenie Dollz that does not come packaged with a pet.

Evee and her pet parrot Lulu are the protectors of the skies. 

Sini is the protector of the domestic and farm animals. She works with her pet dog, Misty, to give abandoned animals food and shelter.

Yana is the protector of the oceans and all its marine inhabitants along with her pet dolphin Serena.

Kazumi and her pet polar bear Ella protect the Earth’s polar regions.

And Lina is the protector of the rain forest along with her pet ocelot Abby.

The Zeenie Dollz in their packages. 

While I love the idea behind the Zeenie Dollz, I am not sure how well they will do if they are only for sale on the company’s web site.  One of the main reasons companies like Zeenie Dollz go to Toy Fair is to get their product out there. I can see specialty toy stores or possibly museum gift shops picking up the line.

I held Kazumi and she was extremely light. Of all the Zeenie’s, I think she is my favorite. They do have articulated limbs, so they are poseable, but I wonder how well they will hold up to play. 

One thing that the Zeenie Dollz does have is a FUN website! There is so much to do on the site from puzzles to download, jigsaw puzzles and learning about the environment. Definitely check it out.