The Queen’s Treasures has quickly become known as the place to find heirloom quality furniture, accessories and tea sets for your dolls! I took a ton of photos at their booth at Toy Fair and while not all of these items are new, I still thought you would like to see them. So, warning, there are a TON of photos in this post.

The Queen's Treasures Doll Furniture

Let’s start with a look at the Farmhouse collection. The Stepback Cupboard and Farmhouse Table look like miniatures of real furniture you would find in a country farmhouse! 

The Queen's Treasures Doll Furniture

A display featuring some new outfits along with their amazing doll trunks.

The Queen's Treasures Doll Furniture

One of the things I love about The Queen’s Treasures is how she continues to design clothes and accessories that are more historical in nature. This yellow dress that is due out later this year has a black velvet hat as well – it would look so pretty on Rebecca, Ruthie or Samantha!

The Queen's Treasures Doll Furniture

From top to bottom – the very popular Coconut Smoothie Stand and beach accessories; the Adirondack chairs, campfire accessories and fishing gear; and the gardening set. The brown horse is NEW and will be released later this year – that is still the prototype – they have a few little tweaks to make first.

The Queen's Treasures Doll Furniture

New to the collection this year are versions of the Victorian Trundle bed and armoire that are perfect for 12″ dolls like the Bluette dolls that are modeling now. 

The Queen's Treasures Doll Furniture

Outfits for the 15″ dolls like Bitty Baby. The Bunny outfit and the Green toggle coat outfit are new, the others are available now.

The trunk that opens to reveal storage and the vanity is one of my favorites! The dresses are all available now.

The stackable single beds are new and available to ship in May. You can use them as single beds, bunk  beds or even triple bunk if you want. The pink and white skirt set will be available in June.

You’ve seen this set before – in so many of my photos. The classic cherry finish drop leaf table and chairs along with the tea tray work well for so many historical time periods your dolls may be from!


Boxes of doll sized bakery treats! Yummy!

Joann had real cookies and cupcakes made for the event that matched the doll sized version and tasted very good, too.

The Bakery is a great new piece from The Queen’s Treasures that I am very excited about. The signs on the bakery are wooden, but they are removable. They are going to be making additional sign sets so your bakery can quickly transform into a shoe store, a deli or a variety of other specialty shops – perfect for hours of play time fun!

Can you say DIVINE? All of The Queen’s Treasures tea sets are just so beautiful! I love the one in the lower right – it is a fairy themed tea set.



Oh so pretty! What girl wouldn’t want to have a tea party here!

The Country Table and Chairs set is a very versatile set that can be used with dolls from just about any era. The Farmhouse Kitchen Accessories set is historically inspired and crafted with great attention to detail – the candles are perfect for Caroline!

The Victorian Armoire and Dresser for the 18″ dolls is just so gorgeous. 

The Queen’s Treasure added this gorgeous horse to the collection before Christmas. As you can see, he is ready to pull the holiday sleigh through the snow. Not only is this a fun play piece, it makes a stunning display at Christmas time.

There is also a Victorian storage trunk with built in drawers and the vanity – another beautiful piece! Do you see the cute little puppy in the corner? Yep, he’s new!

More outfits for the dolls!  The pink color block dress is new and would be a great match for Julie but I bet it would look even better on Ivy!

And aren’t these pretty? They have a good selection of fancy dresses your dolls can wear in commemoration of a special event like a First Communion, being a Flower Girl, Princess or Bride!

The Queen’s Treasures booth is another reason why I need to stay longer at Toy Fair next year! I managed to get lots of photos but didn’t really feel like I spent enough time talking to owner Joann and her assistant Shari enough.  I can’t wait to see what they come out with next! And I highly recommend you sign up for their VIP list so that you can take advantage of their special pricing and sales throughout the year – everything I have from The Queen’s Treasures is just amazing!