Are you ready for the first of A LOT of Toy Fair 2013 reports? It is going to take me a few weeks to get through them all, but I will!

One of the highlights of my trip was reconnecting with people I met last year and meeting new people as well. Visiting the Sophia’s Heritage booth was one of those highlights! It was so much fun seeing Cynthia and Carlyn  again and then being able to join them for a very yummy Thai dinner along with new friend Maxine from My Doll Best Friend and my dear friend Jeri who came to Toy Fair with me.

In case you didn’t know, My Doll’s Life is the retail side of Sophia’s Heritage – one of the largest wholesale suppliers of doll clothes, furniture and accessories. They offer a wide range of doll clothes, furniture and accessories that are well made and reasonably priced. They are our premier advertiser and have also graciously donated the shirts for the exclusive Doll Diaries prize shirts for the second year in a row.

So, let’s take a look at what is new at Sophia’s:

Sophia's Heritage

Sophia’s had a bigger booth than I remember them having last year and I just love their gigantic banner in the center of their booth. The blonde doll in the center of the photo looks so much like my niece – I just love it! They also used their new reversible play scenes for their displays and they really made the whole booth more lively and inviting!

Last summer, Sophia’s debuted their new tri-fold reversible play scene (see the 100th Day of Doll Play from this summer) and it was a really big hit. They have more play scenes in the works including this one which is a hair salon on one side. I know what is on the other side, but let’s just say it is a bit of a secret still. They will be adding accessory sets to extend the play of their outfits and play scenes, too.

For example, new accessory sets to go with the stage side of the play scene they released last year. The microphones, back stage passes and related accessories are very cute!

When it comes to outfits, Sophia’s has something for every interest a girl may have. The equestrian outfit and the karate outfit are great examples.

Isn’t this new ballet costume divine? The structure and details make it look like something a girl would wear in a recital. So pretty!

Sophia’s 18″ doll is a great friend for your American Girl dolls – they all have the same face mold, but you can get different hair and eye combinations. For more details, see my spotlight on Carly from last week.

Not all the items I photographed are new for this year – some are just too cute not to photograph – like these star pjs and the wheelchair and crutches set. If you did not get McKenna’s crutches last year, this set is a good deal. For $37, you get the doll wheelchair, crutches and cast. And what do you think of those doll Tom’s and Sperry style shoes in the picture – cute, right?

Showing off some new outfits that will be available this year. This is the bedroom side of the reversible play scene.

So many cute outfits! I just love the pink jacket and the gray sweater dress.

I love the combination of the black and magenta with Carly’s long auburn curls in this photos. 

A closer look at the super sweet gray sweater dress. The pink scarf and boots are the perfect finish to the outfit.

And finally, Sophia’s has some really cute and affordable clothes for the 15″ Bitty Baby dolls, too! 

There was definitely more to see at the Sophia’s booth, but we have to have some surprises for later in the year. They have some really neat furniture pieces in the works, fun accessory sets, doll food and more play scenes on the way. Don’t worry, though… as soon as they are available, I will let you know! 

Look for Sophia’s Heritage items on the My Doll’s Life web site (and don’t forget you can save 20% off at My Doll’s Life using the exclusive code DIARIES all year long) and select retail outlets and websites.