One of the showrooms that I really loved visiting this year was Playmates Toys – the makers of Hearts for Hearts Girls and Waterbabies (which I will post about separately). It was so nice to catch up with their team and be able to share your feedback on these beautiful little dolls with them.  Hearts for Hearts Girls are 14″ dolls that seek to empower girls to become agents of change in their communities and around the world. A portion of the price of each doll is donated to a non-profit organization in the doll’s country. Playmates Toys works with the non-profit organization, World Vision, to make this possible.

Hearts for Hearts Girls Mosi

The big news from Hearts for Hearts Girls this year is that Mosi is on her way!  Ever since I shared photos of Hearts for Hearts Girl Mosi with you last year at Toy Fair, everyone has been asking – “when will Mosi be in stores?”  According to their brand manager, Gina, you should be able to find Mosi on store shelves in June.

Mosi lives on a sheep ranch in New Mexico where she helps her mom and dad keep the Native American arts and culture alive. Mosi leads the way and although she struggles with challenges at school, she is working to overlook the differences among classmates and teach others the importance of standing up for what you believe in. 

In last year’s photos Mosi also had a horse, but the horse is not being made.

Hearts for Hearts Girls Shola

The newest member of the Hearts for Hearts Girls family is Shola, a girl from Kabul, Afghanistan who attends a circus school where she learns to read, write and do math. She is learning to walk on stilts and juggle and will soon tour her country to help bring joy to children across Afghanistan.

Hearts for Hearts Girls Shola

This is not my best photo of Shola – she really is such a pretty doll! Let’s try this angle instead…

Hearts for Hearts Girls Shola

Ahhh, this is a better photo! The Hearts for Hearts Girls all have the same basic face, but the eye, hair and clothing combinations really bring them a unique look of their own. 

Shola will be available in stores in June 2013.

Hearts for Hearts Girls Shola

The first time I read Shola’s story I got goosebumps! I really love the passion and compassion the Hearts for Hearts Girls team has put into the development of each character.

Hearts for Hearts Girls

The Hearts for Hearts Girls that you met in years past will continue in the collection. When they are shipped to stores they arrive in assortment boxes so the chances of two stores getting the same stock are low. I just recommend keeping an eye out for the one you want at Target, Amazon and other major retailers. Lauryce has been the hardest to find this past year but I am told they will be making more of her this year. 

The top row shows the deluxe Consuelo set, Tipi and Lauryce. The bottom row shows Dell’s deluxe set, Tipi again and Lilian.

I did not see any new fashion packs for this year, but expect to see the original sets showing up in stores again.

Hearts for Hearts Girls Rahel

Rahel is from Ethiopia and is show here with two of the fashion sets.

Hearts for Hearts Girls Consuelo

Consuelo is from Mexico and is such a cutie. These are pieces from her deluxe set that include a jewelry box and accessories.

Dell is growing on me!! When I first was introduced to the line, I really didn’t look at Dell closely – I was in awe of Lauryce, taken aback by Tipi, and Lilian – but the more I see reader photos of Dell and now this deluxe set, I am beginning to think she just might have to join the rest of the dolls in Doll Diaries land.

The Hearts for Hearts Girls retail for about $25 and can be found at Target, Toys R Us, Amazon, and many other large toy retailers. The more I get to know this line of dolls and the team that created them, the more I just LOVE them. They dolls and their clothes are well made, have a great message, and have some of the cutest doll faces ever.

Who is your favorite? Are you excited about their 2013 releases?