One of the most recognizable names in dolls of all time has to be the legendary Madame Alexander. Founded in 1923, Madame Alexander dolls have become a part of American history – being one of the first companies to do licensed versions of dolls based on famous stories or characters, being one of the first to introduce sleep eyes, and created the first dolls made of hard plastic. While at Toy Fair I was happy to visit the Madame Alexander showroom and see the full range of offerings they have for this year. Madame Alexander has something for everyone! From the doll collector to the girls who want dolls they can play with to the little bitties who love their plush, Madame Alexander has a line for it.

Madame Alexander Pan Am dolls

Hands down one of my favorites from the show is the Madame Alexander 16″ Alex in her Pan Am glory! Madame Alexander has made a 10″ doll version and the 16″ doll version licensed withΒ  the Pan Am airline and based on the uniforms of its crew in the 1960s. I think the 16″ doll is just stunning!!

Kidz n Cats dolls Sonja Hartmann

Madame Alexander is the US distributor of the Sonja Hartmann Kidz ‘n Cats line of poseable dolls. If you remember a few weeks ago, we purchased Galina (the second from the left on the bottom row in a polka dot jacket) and based on the feedback I have gotten from our readers, I figured you all wanted to see more from the collection.

Madame Alexander Kidz n Cats Laura Sonja Hartmann

The Kidz ‘n Cats Laura doll – in the yellow dress – was one of the DOTY 2012 Industry Award winning dolls this year. She will not be out until later this spring, but I just love those curls! While the Kidz ‘n Cats doll really is playable, they are labeled for ages 14 and up, meaning they are really more for the junior collector who takes good care of her dolls.

madame alexander kidz n cats

The Kidz ‘n Cats dolls are 18″ tall but have slimmer bodies than American Girl dolls. Their feet are about the same size though (slightly bigger but can share shoes). I like the Kidz ‘n Cats faces that have smiles that show their teeth – like the girl second from the left in the picture above. Her face is basically the same as the Galina doll we already have.

Madame Alexander Forever Friends

Madame Alexander also has its own line of 18″ play dolls that are very similar in size to American Girl and other 18″ play dolls. The outfit in the back row that is the hot pink dress with the black jacket is one that has been designed by child fashion prodigy Cecilia Cassini.

Madame Alexander Favorite Friends Disney

If you are a Disney Princess fan or have one in the house, I think these Madame Alexander 18″ play versions of Ariel, Tinkerbell and Belle are just too cute. They are much cuter than some of the other versions I have seen at Toys R Us and Target.

madame alexander strawberry shortcake

Madame Alexander does a lot with creating licensed products from our favorite stories, tv shows, movies and characters. This display of Strawberry Shortcake plush characters was one of many they had including an anniversary Puff the Magic Dragon collection, Wizard of Ox, Snoopy, and so many moe.

madame alexander wicked

Meet Elphaba (aka the Wicked Witch) and her sister Glinda from the musical WICKED. These two are 16″ articulated collector editions from Madame Alexander. Like I said, there really is a Madame Alexander doll for everyone and every occasion! From the little 8″ holiday themed collectibles to the play dolls to the plush to the 16″ dolls – Madame Alexander’s dolls really are a classic!

Just a few more Toy Fair reports to go! I hope you are enjoying them!!