One of the new companies I was introduced to at the Toy Fair in February was the Laurent Doll company. Laurent Doll carries heirloom quality hardwood furniture and cotton bedding for 18″ dolls. While Laurent Doll is a new company with just a few key pieces that they offer right now, what they do offer is classic, well-made and a good value.

This is their new Day Bed for 2012. It is not yet on their website and this is actually a photo of the prototype – the finished product will be white.


I love their doll dresser – what a great way to store doll basics like socks, underwear, t-shirts, shoes and other accessories. Plus it gives you a horizontal surface for a doll alarm clock or lamp, a place for your doll to put her book or glass of water for the night. The doll dresser is another new piece for 2012.

Another nice piece that Laurent Doll has coming out this year is their doll storage tower. Finding creative storage pieces for dolls that server multiple purposes is a challenge. I love some of the Laurent solutions like the dresser, this tower and their Doll Chest is perfect for keeping track of doll accessories too.

Laurent’s Triple, Detachable Bunk Bed was selected as the top Doll Product at the Toy Show by ASTRA-the American Specialty Toy Retailers Association.

If you are looking for high-quality furniture for your dolls – add Laurent Doll to your list of resources to check.  I look forward to seeing more products from Laurent Doll as they continue to grow.