Summer is basically here and that means it is time for the pool, beach, lake and other water related activities. Even though our dolls can’t swim, it is fun to pretend and there have been plenty of great water related outfits and accessories from American Girl throughout the years. Let’s take a look at some of them.

From Liz – Ivy and Coconut are ready to go to the beach! Ivy is wearing the Beachside Outfit released in 2003. The pants in this set are particularly nice, as they close with a real snap and the belt opens and closes as well. Coconut’s hat, lobster toy, and bucket are from Coconut’s Beachside Accessories, also from 2003.

From Hannah – Here is Arista wearing the bikini and the flowered sandals. The pattern and colors of this suit is so pretty. This outfit came with orange sunglasses and a beaded anklet which I have, but couldn’t grab for the picture.

Here Arista is modeling the other part of the set. A great cover up skirt and mesh cover up shirt. This is such a cute part of the outfit. You could also purchase blue ugg style beach boots (sold separately which look nice with this.) I have them just couldn’t get them for the picture at the moment.

And here she is modeling the coverup. I just love the flowers on this. It features a zipper and nice terry cloth fabric. Great quality. All in all wonderful set offered from American Girl!

From Sophia – Kanani is wearing her retired bathing suit and life jacket from her paddle board set. McKenna is wearing the AG store exclusive berry skirtkini (which is still available).

From agoverseasfan – McKenna wearing Samantha’s Bathing Dress.

Also from agoverseasfan, Poppy models the 2004 Ruffled Tankini set.

agoverseasfan’s Chrissa in her swim team gear.

And agoverseasfan’s Jade shows off the America Girl store exclusive swimsuit from 2010.

From Madelon –  Kailey is ready to go with her wetsuit, boogie board, goggles, flippers and underwater camera!

From Madelon –  Cecile wears a retired (2006ish) American Girl store exclusive sunglasses and bathing suit.

A close up of the Coconut towel.

Kanani with another retired AG beach towel that Madelon has.

Madelon also has the retired Bitty Baby beach chair – how cute is that?

Also from Madelon – Saige in her 2010 American Girl Place bathing suit with store exclusive towel, bag and sandals.

Close up of bag, towel and sandals. The headband was also a summer accessory store exclusive.

From myag: Kailey is modeling the cover-up from the 2005 Seaside Wardrobe set.

For next week, let’s do something different!! One of our readers asked if we could take a look back at the now retired BFC Ink doll line. Since they were such a popular line for about two years, I know quite a few of you have them. The theme for next week’s Throwback Thursday is BFC Ink– What I am looking for are photos of your retired BFC Ink dolls. Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK BFC in the subject line of your email to me at