I was absolutely blown away by the response I got from last week’s peek into the past when I shared photos of Nicki’s long retired collection. Since you asked for it, let’s take a look back to 2003, which would be the year that Kailey was the Girl of the Year and when my daughter Megan was first introduced to American Girl dolls.

AG outfits from 2003  

Our models today are Chrissa (GOTY 2009), Kailey (GOTY 2003) and Nicole, the first American Girl doll to step foot in this house. Nicole is also retired – she was known as GT3.

American Girl 2003

Nicole is wearing one of my all time favorite dresses, the Paisley blue dress. It is a fine mesh dress with a solid underlay on the body and little silver sparkles throughout. It came with brown boots, a bracelet and a hair clip. The bracelet and hair clip are here somewhere, but they just didn’t make it into the picture. Also available as the accessory to this dress is the Talent Show set in a metal “trunk” which included a headset, a belt, necklace, and stick on nail decals. Coconut had a matching set with a tambourine, some little fluffy things for his ears and some stickers.

American Girl 2003

A closer look at the headset that came in the Talent Show accessories set. Headphones even detach from the player.

Chrissa is wearing the Coconut’s Best Friend outfit which consists of the light blue Coconut t-shirt, jean jacket, khaki capris and denim embroidered sandals. She also has a watch that goes with this outfit but I think it may be lost. Chrissa is also wearing a Coconut baseball cap that was part of Coconut’s collection. Coconut has a matching t-shirt, cap and toy that go with this set. I need to locate the pet accessories bin and find Coconut’s hat and toy. One of the things I like best about this outfit is you can mix and match all the pieces with other outfits easily!

Aren’t they just so cute! The lighting in Nat’s room was really weird today and I just kept getting shadows and inconsistencies in the light. Sorry for the giant shadow on this photo.

American Girl Kailey

Here is Kailey, American Girl of the Year 2003 in her meet dress with no shoes. We inherited Kailey from Megan’s friend Kylie who played with her dolls a lot! All we have of Kailey’s collection is her meet dress, tote bag and frisbee. She arrived shoeless and with very loose limbs. Kailey is not very good at standing at all! I can’t tell you how many times she fell during the photo shoot today – I stopped counting.

American Girl Kailey

Eventually I gave up and just let the poor girl pose sitting down!

What do you think of the outfits I featured today? Do you have any of them in your collection?

If you have items from AG that are retired – from the Historical line, the GOTY line, the Girl of Today line or Bitty and Friends and would like to share them with us, please send them in! I may add them to a Throwback Thursday post in the future – especially if you are sharing something we don’t have in our collection.