Continuing our look back through the American Girl meet outfits for the “Today Girl,” “Just Like You,” and “My AG” dolls, we have meet outfits from 2006-2010. (Did you miss part 1? Go check it out)

From Marjorie – From left to right 2004 Ready for Fun, 2006 I Like Your Style and 2008 Star Hoodie

2006 I Like Your Style Outfit

From Madelon – McKenna modeling the 2006 I Like Your Style outfit.

From Hannah – Nellie Ariel is modeling the “I Like Your Style” Outfit from 2006. This came out fall of 2006. The purple, light, blue, silver, and pink look so nice together. The skirt is actually a skort with built in shorts.

2008 Star Hoodie Outfit

From Sophia – Stefanie (MAG #21) is wearing the star hoodie outfit from 2008. This outfit came with a headband  but I don’t like it with the outfit because of how I did Stefanie’s hair.

From Toby – Sophia models the 2008 Star Hoodie meet outfit (hat and necklace not from original set).

From Anaiis – Amy shows off the Star Hoodie outfit, too.

From Hannah – Mia is modeling the Star Hoodie outfit which came out in 2008.

Natalie’s #21, Alex in the 2008 Star Hoodie outfit. The plaid headband she is wearing is also part of the outfit.

2010 Real Me Meet Outfit

From AGSmoothies – Here’s the Real Me Outfit I got when I bought Rosalie. Rosalie is also the doll modeling this outfit, and she’s MAG #55.

From Breck –  Here is Nicki (GOTY 2007) modeling the Real Me outfit from 2010-2012.

From Toby – Emma modeling the 2010 Real Me meet outfit – the hat and necklace are not part of the set.

From Rachel – My doll Kensie enjoying the water! In the retired Real Me outfit. (Without the shoes)

And finally, Natalie’s My AG #39, Callie models the Real Me outfit, too.

I can not thank everyone enough for helping us put together this wonderful history of the AG meet outfits! You are the best!!

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