Are you ready to take a look back at some of the retired American Girl holiday outfits?

Felicity and Elizabeth

From Jessica –

Here is Felicity and Elizabeth in their holiday attire. I have to say that Felicity’s Christmas Gown & Stomacher is my favorite items that Pleasant Company/American Girl ever produced! Here Felicity is wearing her alternate Stomacher (which I prefer), Muff and Mitts. She is not wearing her Patterns that go on top of her Shoes because I don’t want to scrape her nice shoes. Originally Pleasant Company offered the Christmas Gown without Shoes, so I assume the Patterns fit better on her Meet Shoes. I purchased the Christmas Shoes she is wearing separately. I believe these shoes were available in the Felicity Shoes and Socks set or with the Christmas Gown after Elizabeth was introduced but American Girl sold them to me as a replacement part.

Elizabeth is wearing her Holiday Gown and Quilted Cloak. Although the Gown is very high quality and beautiful, the Shoes are plain and don’t fit on her feet well. The Cloak doesn’t look right when clasped because the ribbon bow doesn’t lay flat.

Here Felicity is in her Christmas Gown again, but this time with the main Stomacher and wearing her Pinner Cap.
Elizabeth is wearing her Meet Dress and Pinner Cap, which although her Stomacher doesn’t come off, the Gown is very reminiscent of Felicity’s Christmas Dress with the alternate Stomacher. She even has the same Shoes as Felicity’s Christmas Shoes! (although with a different color accent). Both girls have their hair tied back with a Satin Ribbon. The only difference in their outfits appears to be their jewelry. Elizabeth is wearing her Pearl Necklace and Drop Earrings that came with her Meet Accessories. Felicity is wearing the Necklace that came with her Christmas Gown. I think they look like twins! I definitely prefer Elizabeth’s Meet Outfit to her Holiday Outfit.

Another great thing about Felicity’s Christmas collection is her toys! She has a an adorable Noah’s Ark complete with tiny animals and people that all fit inside She also has her Invitation and Fashion Doll (version 2). The Fashion Doll’s legs are articulated so she can sit or stand (but not very well). I don’t have Elizabeth’s fashion doll, but I didn’t want it because the doll didn’t match her Holiday Gown.

The next few photos are from Linda. Wearing her school dress, Kirsten enjoys playing with her own nativity set. She is missing Grandma in Sweden who gave her the amber necklace.

Kirsten munches on a pepperkaka (ginger cookie) still wearing her Lucia dress. She brought coffee and cookies to her parents while they were in bed early this morning. (Dec. 13th)

It’s Christmas Eve and Kirsten finishes decorating her tree. She has used the traditional Swedish straw ornaments, apples, Swedish flags and cookies. She has to be very careful of the real candles. She is wearing her chore dress.

Kirsten bundles up in her warm woolen sweater with matching hat and mittens that mommy made. She is bringing some goodies over to the neighbor’s house to share on Christmas.

There are a whole bunch more Holiday themed Throwback Thursday photos for me to post. Enjoy these and then check back in a little while for Part 2 which I am going to work on now.