People like things that start with the same letters – you know alliteration – and on popular example is Throwback Thursday. Since I am in a throwback kind of mood today, I thought you might enjoy looking at some of the American Girl of the Year 2007, Nicki and her outfits.

American Girl Nicki 2007

Nicki didn’t want to do the modeling all by herself so she invited a few friends to go through her closet with her. From left to right, Gwen (from the GOTY 2009 collection), McKenna (GOTY 2012), Nicki (GOTY 2007) and Kanani (GOTY 2011).

American Girl Nicki

Let’s start with Nicki showing off her Tie Top Shorts set. The set consists of a pink tank top, floral tie front top, khaki shorts (the ribbon belt is missing) and red cork bottomed sandals. We got Nicki in the summer of 2011 from a friend who had outgrown her dolls and no longer wanted them. She got most of Nicki’s collection but there are a few little pieces here and there that are missing. Nicki’ is actually in need of some TLC as I have found quite a few marks on her legs and face. I will have to get out the Oxy and try to clear the marks up the same way I did with Bitty Baby.

American Girl Nicki 2007

Oh the freckles! What a cutie!

American Girl McKenna

I had thought about putting McKenna in Nicki’s Ranch Outfit but the Meet Outfit just seemed a better fit for McKenna. Nicki’s Meet Outfit is also known as her dog training outfit. It came with the cream colored eyelet bodysuit top, the blue suede like wrap skirt (that really isn’t a wrap skirt) that has floral embroidery and cowboy boots with a little lacy trim. Nicki’s dog is named Sprocket and she is training Sprocket to be a service dog. There are lots of little accessories for Sprocket like his service dog vest, but I chose to photograph him without today.

Kanani Gala

Kanani is wearing Nicki’s Gala Outfit but with a substitution for the shoes. When we got all of Nicki’s things it seems that one of the shoes for this outfit was missing. It’s okay, the pink flats from the Star Hoodie outfit work just fine. The Gala Outfit is a cream colored skirt with embroidered mesh overlay, a fancy tweed jacket and the embellished ballet flats that we don’t have.

American Girl Gwen

Gwen looks adorable in Nicki’s Ranch Outfit. The outfit includes the floral and embroidered horse shirt, pink corduroy pants, faux suede chaps, purple boots and a cowboy hat. There is also a duffle bag with this set that I did not include in the photo.

The only outfit from the collection we do not have is Nicki’s Ski Wear which is not my favorite anyway.

So, which outfit from Nicki’s collection do you like best? Who modeled Nicki’s outfits best? And should I make this a regular feature?