In 2006 we made our first trip to the American Girl Place in New York City which happened to be the year that Jess was the Girl of the Year. Unfortunately we did not buy her (oh how I wish I would have), but I did get a few good photos of her displays while we were there! And a few readers sent in photos of Jess, too, so we can all enjoy!

Look at those cuties!! Yes, it is throwback for Megan and Natalie, too! Megan has her Elizabeth that she saved up all her money for and Natalie is making the silly face with her beloved Bitty Baby. Oh, and that is Jess’ display in the background! 

Jess in her pajamas and her tree swing which sold for $44 – why does that sound like a bargain now?

Jess in her meet outfit with her scooter and helmet.

Jess in her 2-in-1 Kayaking outfit and her Kayak.

And now from Marjorie – “I remember when my Jess doll arrived, I thought she was the most beautiful thing ever.  I think I stared at her for 3 days straight.  I love her.  She’s beautiful.  The colors in her outfit are my absolute favorites. Here are 2 photos we took today as Jess explored the “jungle” that is my yard.”

Thanks Marjorie – she is so pretty!!

And from Kat – Jess reading her book.

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