In 2005, American Girl released its 3rd doll in the Girl of the Year series. Her name was Marisol Luna and she was a girl from a Hispanic neighborhood in downtown Chicago who just loved to dance – all different styles of dance, too. Marisol’s collection included multiple dance outfits, a trunk with an outfit and dance accessories, a “dance stage” and her trusty cat, Rascal.

American Girl 2005 Marisol

Marisol was the first American Girl of the Year doll to join our doll family. Actually, if I remember right, Marisol joined Megan’s collection after Nicole (her MyAG doll) and Kit. Marisol was also the doll that helped American girl realize that the Girl of the Year concept was a keeper – especially since Marisol was sold out before Christmas and her secondary market prices were ridiculously high!

American Girl Marisol

I remember thinking that Marisol’s hair was so long when we first got her, but seeing her next to Kanani makes me think Marisol actually has the perfect length hair!  

Marisol’s meet outfit included a crocheted hat, scarf, pink sleeveless t-shirt, purple wrap sweater, shiny brownish-bronze colored capris, and bronze and purple shoes. She also had a necklace, but I can’t find it right this moment. 

Marisol Accessories  

One of the best deals in Marisol’s collection was her Dance Bag and Cat accessory set that sold for $24. You pay about that much for your doll’s pet by itself now. Why the box? Well, Megan actually got two of the Marisol Dance Bag sets for Christmas in 2005 and I have had the second set stashed away all this time. 

Marisol Accessories

So, I just opened the box so I can show you all the goodies that came in this great set. First, there is Marisol’s adorable cat, Rascal (see next photo). Then there is her silver dance duffle bag with pockets on each end and a soft velvety strap. She has an ID card and charm that clip onto the bag, a water bottle, metal cell phone that is actually a little working clock, an energy bar, some bandaids and an elastic bandage to wrap her ankle if she needs to. 


Marisol is ready to go to school and then to dance practice. She has her bag, bottle of water handy and like so many of us, she has her cell phone, too. She has the “old style” flip phone, but it is so cute!

Kanani wearing Marisols Spotlight outfit

Kanani was happy to model the other outfit we have for Marisol – her Spotlight Outfit. Now, I have a love/hate relationship with this outfit!! In some ways this is one of the most ornate, well-made outfits from AG yet, but at the same time it is so fragile. The leotard part is a sheer black material double layered with a purple jersey knit underneath. This is what give the outfit the purply sheen to it. However, the back is fairly low cut and the velcro closure snags EVERYTHING if you aren’t careful. Her tights are light purple tights – nothing special there. Her pointe shoes are also very well made and “stiff” like you would expect toe shoes to be. Her tutu is AMAZING with layers of tulle, satin, and lace so it is very fluffy. The waistband is velvety ribbon and it closes with a hook and eye, not velcro. Nice!! However, the waistband is thin and the whole skirt rolls funny so I find myself tugging and tugging on it to get  it to lay flat when I first put it on the dolls.

Close up of tutu

This is a closeup of the back closure of the tutu. You can see the detail in the fabric and I love the bow at the back!


“How do I look Marisol?” asked Kanani!


Marisol is so happy to see Rascal when she gets home in the evening!

Considering our Marisol is now 7 years old and has been a favorite since day 1, I’d say she is looking good! Actually, other than a few little scuffs, she is in great shape. Her limbs are still tight, she can stand on her own, her hair looks good for as much as it has been played with and she is still one of my personal favorite dolls.

If you have photos of your Marisol wearing any of her original outfits, feel free to send them in. I’d love to show them off!

What do you think of Marisol? Which of her outfits did you like best? Did you read her stories? Join in the conversation and let’s talk Marisol!

PS – The photo backdrop for this post is the new reversible Playscene from – the stage is a perfect match for Marisol and her story.