It’s time to turn back the clock for another week of Throwback Thursday. Over the next few weeks I want to spotlight some of the retired Holiday outfits so if you have any – historical or modern and want to share your photos, just send them in to me.

The first four photos are from Vivienne. Here is Mia, Girl of the Year 2008. She is wearing her adorable meet outfit and she has her accessories. It has skates, headphones, an mp3 player, and a bag.

Next up we have Mia’s pajamas. Ellen Rose (33) offered to model for her sister. They came with a purple top and bottoms and slippers.

Nellie is next up, modeling the Ready for Fun outfit from 2004. It has a shirt with a flower design on it, a pair of jeans with beaded detail, blue and white shoes, and a cute red striped jacket.

Last is Isabel (McKenna) wearing the Snowy Chic outfit from 2008. She couldn’t find the pink shirt it came with so she used a plain purple t-shirt.


Miriam sent in a photo of her Kyra – who is the first Asian doll in the Girl of Today line (GT4). Kyra is wearing the Garden Party dress from 2004. Miriam  I did repaint her lips but says the color blends better in real life.

If you have photos of retired American Girl (or other brands) dolls, clothing or furniture and want to help us take a look into the past, email your photos and descriptions to us at I’d like to spotlight some of the retired holiday outfits in the next few weeks, so any of those you may have would be great.