Felicity was my first doll and Megan worked all summer to save up to get Elizabeth right after she debuted in 2005. Unfortunately Elizabeth was not available for long, as both characters were archived in 2011. Felicity and Elizabeth grew up in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia and I highly recommend a visit to Williamsburg still for any Felicity and Elizabeth fans.

This first set of pictures is from Alyssa. Felicity was her second American Girl doll. Felicity and Elizabeth are enjoying tea.

Felicity on her bed with mini Felicity, mini Elizabeth and her lamb Posie by her feet.

Felicity’s baby sister Polly who is 6″ tall and came in this beautiful wooden cradle.

Felicity’s original tea set.  I just love the blue!

PM Felicity

From Venus – This is a Pre-Mattel Felicity in her first meet outfit. She used to live with my mom’s friend’s daughter in her bedroom many years ago, but now she sits alone in an attic with her Pre-Mattel friend, Molly.

From Jessica – Of all the historical dolls, I have more Felicity clothes than any other. I find her clothes very well made, elegant and dressier than many of the historical dolls of later periods in history.  Pictured here is Elizabeth in her Riding Outfit, which did not come with shoes, so she is wearing Marie-Grace’s boots. Please pardon the feather in her hat. It may look messed up because when Elizabeth used to sit outside my dollhouse, my cat found her hat to be quite tasty. He seems to like to lick it constantly.

Also in this photo is Felicity in her Spring Gown with Pinner Apron & Pompon. This is one of my favorites. The Gown came with four miniature straight pins and two miniature safety pins to pin her Pinner. It also came with fancy stockings, which I apologize are not visible in this photo. She is holding her guitar and standing next to her Noah’s Ark and Little Pretty Pocket Book (from her Nighttime Necessities). Cecile and Marie-Grace sit at Felicity’s Tilt-Top Table & Chairs having tea with the Colonial Tea Set and Tea Treats.

Here’s a better picture of Cecile and Marie-Grace. Cecile is dressed in Felicity’s Christmas Gown & Stomacher and holds Felicity’s Fashion Doll. Marie-Grace is dressed in Elizabeth’s meet dress. I think they both look good in these colors.

In this picture, Mia is dressed in Felicity’s Tea Lesson Gown, which is also one of my favorite Felicity outfits. I love the shoes and the hat it came with! Nellie is wearing Elizabeth’s Christmas Gown and Emily is wearing Felicity’s original meet outfit, the Rose Garden Gown, with Felicity’s original accessories.

The next set of photos is from Trinity. This is Felicity in her meet or  travel dress. She is having cider and bundt cake.  (those two things are not AG and neither is the table – its a basket flipped over)

Felicity is wearing the  shirt I got on sale online. It is a store exclusive from AG Los Angeles.

How cute does Felicity look wearing Marie Grace’s 2012 Limited Edition Summer Dress?

Felicity sitting on her bed in her meet or travel dress with her copper cup drinking cider since she does not drink tea. The cup and saucer are not AG.

This photo of Felicity and her friends is from Jennifer and her daughter Madeline.

From April in Australia we have Elizabeth in her Summer Gown and Felicity in her Riding Breeches.

Agoverseasfan has Caroline dressed in Elizabeth’s Riding Outfit.

And here is Caroline in Felicity’s Summer Dress minus the hat and the ribbon for the mid-section.

This is my Felicity in her Gala Outfit getting ready to pick up her little sister Polly.

Such sweet sisters!

And probably my favorite outfit of Felicity’s – her Riding Outfit.

It is so much fun to look back at American Girl items from the past! 

For next week’s Throwback Thursday let’s take a look back at retired American Girl ICE SKATING, SKIING and WINTER SPORTS OUTFITS. Send in photos of your dolls showing off retired winter sports outfits. Please save me time by resizing your photos to 540 pixels wide first and if you want a watermark credit, you need to put it on the photo before you send it in. Email photos to share@dolldiaries.com and put WINTER SPORTS THROWBACK in the subject line.

Also, I would love to do a feature on the retired Hopscotch Hill dolls that AG used to have. If you have any photos of Hopscotch Hill dolls and their collection, same directions as above but put HOPSCOTCH HILL in the subject line.