A very popular 18″ doll line a few years ago has been retired! BFC Ink dolls were sold at Toys R Us, Amazon and other major retailers for about $30, they are jointed which means you can pose them easily, and have very pretty faces. However, their hair – yeah, it was a disaster! Our BFC Ink, Addison had to get a hair cut and I have heard many other stories about BFC dolls with bad hair. 

We bought our Addison when she was on sale for $19.99. Looking back, I wish I would have picked up Kaitlyn, too. The Best Friends Club Ink dolls had their own website with games and stories, too, but sadly, their parent company, MGA, has taken it down.

This is our Addison when we first got her. You can see the rest of those photos and how she compares in size to other 18″ dolls on the post: Meet BFC Ink Doll Addison.

After about a few months, Addison’s hair became impossible to deal with so I gave her a cut and a little doll perm. (See how on Addison’s New Look)

Now a WHOLE BUNCH of BFC’s from Rachel:

This is my BFC Inc. doll, Kaitlyn. My mom got her of Ebay for my birthday. She got her, another doll, and all the outfits you see for only $30. These cute BFC shorts are well made and look really nice. The shirt is one my mom made.

Here she is in a pink flowered dress and heart purse. Those are both Gianna’s but I use them for her. Also, the sandals you see on her are woven plastic sandals.

A close up of the purse. It is made of a plastic material and has a long strap that goes easily over her head.

This is one of my favorite outfits Kaitlyn came with. It is a pink and white swirled design with a orangy pink ruffle along the bottom and on the top. It came with a little orange shrug. The purse has a distressed/rag look.

Here is the two small accessories that came with her. A little butterfly shaped clip and a pair of pink glasses, which I unfortunately lost one side of.

This is a very pretty BFC dress, a green, two layer straight dress. It is very pretty and came with pink tights.

This is one of the original BFC’s, before they were even technically called that. She is a ballerina and came in a leotard, skirt, and ballet shoes. Her accessories are a mirror, a barre, and a mat with all five ballet positions.

She also came with a bag with a warm up outfit- including a skirt, shrug, and leggings.

From Sheridan – Addison, Noelle, and Nicolette are enjoying some sushi for lunch.

From Eileen:

My cousin and my dolls are BFC Ink Summer Splashin’/Water Play dolls. Here is Kaitlin, a.k.a. Kate Gomez, relaxing in her kayak, which is retired from AG. Ella’s backstory for Kate is that she is Selena Gomez’s little stepsister who loves to sing and dance.

Here is my doll Addison Noelle. She is a custom doll whom I cut her hair and gave her freckles, eye makeup, and lipstick. Addi loves to do ballet and art.

Addison was tired of swimming so she decided to relax on the waterslide. She came with a blue swimsuit but the one she is wearing here is one I made out of a sock from a MyFroggyStuff tutorial.

Addison and Kaitlin are getting ready to do sitting dives into the pool. Kaitlin is wearing her original swimsuit. I think that these dolls were a great value for $20 each, less than most Barbies!

And from Catherine:

BFC Ink dolls

My BFC Ink 18″ dolls (I have a soft spot for Ebay and unwanted 2nd handers). From the left…the original Three (became four) Maddelyn (Addison); Shanan (Calista) with a new wig; Kaitlyn (Kaitlin- the name just suited her); and Abigail (Calista)

BFC Ink dolls

My Favourite Things (missing Aliesha and Noelle) and only by coincidence do they all wear glasses. Juliette (Addison); McKinley (Kaitlin); and Callie (Calista)

BFC Ink dolls

100+ poses: Back row: Melody (Kaitlin); Georgia (Aliesha); Zoe (Calista); Victoria (Yuko); Ashleigh (Addison); Harmony (Addison); and Brandon (CJ); Front row: Indigo (Yuko); Jackson (CJ); Hayley (Noelle); Jaime
(Calista); Yuri (Yuko); and Gillian (Gianna)

BFC Ink dolls

Summer Splashin’ (missing Kaitlin): Richelle (Noelle); Chloe (Aliesha); Leisel (Noelle) and Charlise (Addison)

BFC Ink dolls

Pen Pals: Standing: Erika (Nicolette); Ariah (Carmen) and Brooke-Lyn (Brit); Seated: Josephine (Carmen) and Eleanor (Elsa)

Thanks everyone for sending in those AWESOME photos! What a great looking group of dolls!

You can still find some BFC Ink dolls and their accessories on Amazon and Ebay. I would also check places like Big Lots, Marshall’s, Tuesday Morning and the like – you just never know where the surplus stock may show up.

For next week, I would like to focus on Josefina. Since Josefina’s collection is rather small anyhow, and we don’t have her, you can send in photos of RETIRED AND CURRENTLY AVAILABLE items from Josefina’s collection for Throwback Thursday. Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK JOSEFINA in the subject line of your email to me at share@dolldiaries.com.