American Girl of the Year 2010, Lanie, is an energetic, outdoors loving girl who is interested in science and nature. While we do not have Lanie as part of our collection, obviously many of you do, because I got A TON of Lanie photos this week. I did not use every photo that was sent in, but I tried to use at least one from everyone who took the time to send them in.

Venus sent in a photo of her Lanie along with the books, Lanie and Lanie’s Real Adventures by Jane Kurtz.

From Madi B – Sweet Olivia (renamed Lanie) showing off her beautiful eyes and curls.

From Alyssa – Lanie in her Nature Outfit and Cara modeling her Butterfly Outfit.

Lanie in her comfy hammock. With her computer, journal , computer bag,and book about birds. She is wearing her garden outfit. Also from Alyssa.

From Dollgirl4– This is Lanie’s Nature Set, to go along with her Nature Outfit. I only have the set, but I love it. It cost 26 dollars when it came out. My favorite part of this set is the little ladybug jar!

From Marjorie – Ivy is wearing Lanie’s Butterfly Outfit and holding binoculars from her Nature Set. Lanie is wearing the dress she came in with the earth day bracelet from her accessories. Kailey is wearing Lanie’s Garden Outfit, and is holding the bird book and bug jar from the Nature Set. And Cecile is wearing Lanie’s Nature Outfit.

Also from Marjorie – Meanwhile, Emily stays indoors (perhaps she’s feeling under the weather) in Lanie’s nightgown with her orangutan, bunny, and laptop.

From Maddie – Lanie showing off her new glasses.

From Chloe – First, we have Lanie in her meet dress, her book, Meet Lanie and Lanie’s Real Adventures, and her accessories. Her accessories came with three screen clings for her computer that aren’t pictured here.

Also from Chloe – Kanani modeling Lanie’s Butterfly Garden Outfit on Lanie’s Hammock. Behind her is Lindsey wearing Lanie’s Nature Outfit and accessories. Lanie’s Nature Accessories also came with a bird book not pictured.

Also from Chloe – Lanie’s Nightgown and Orangutang featured on Caroline (JLY #19) .

From Madelon – Lanie’s Camper.

A look inside Lanie’s camper – also from Madelon.

From Sophia – Here are some of my dolls modeling all the Lanie outfits and accessories I own. From left to right my dolls are: Lanie in wearing her complete meet outfit and accessories (Lulu is part of accessory set. I have 3 because 2 are mine but am missing other accessories and my friend left her Lulu at my house.) Next is Kanani who is wearing 1 of the 4 t-shirts from Lanie’s collection. The 3rd doll is McKenna who is wearing the 2nd t-shirt in Lanie’s collection. The 4th doll is Saige who is wearing the complete Butterfly outfit which is my favorite outfit from Lanie’s collection. The 5th doll is Caroline who is wearing Lanie’s Nature outfit and is holding some of the accessories from her Nature outfit. The only item I am missing is the binoculars. Last but not least is Stefanie who is modeling Lanie’s Garden outfit. In front of my dolls are the 3 Lulus and the raccoon in trash can.

And the final seven photos for Throwback Thursday Lanie are from Janet!

Lanie in her meet outfit.

Lanie’s accessories – the laptop and bag, her bunny Lulu, a bracelet, postcards, a letter and screens.

Lanie in her Nature Outfit.

Lanie’s Garden Outfit.

Lanie’s Butterfly Outfit.

Lanie’s Pajamas (with Jess’ monkey)

Lanie with her Hammock, Nature Accessories and Raccoon and Can Set.

WOW! WOW! Thanks so much to everyone who sent in photos this week – we got such a great look at Lanie’s retired collection!

The theme for next week’s Throwback Thursday is HORSES. Send in photos of your retired American Girl horses, horse outfits and horse accessories (Historical, Girl of the Year or Girl of Today are all fine)! Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK HORSES in the subject line of your email to me at