American Girl of the Year 2009, Chrissa Maxwell, was a first for American Girl in a few ways. She was the first Girl of the Year doll to have a movie and she is the only one to have two friends released as part of her collection. Chrissa’s collection is also the only “complete” collection we have for any of the American Girl characters. Her story focuses on bullying and friendships, but there are quite a few underlying messages in her stories that I really like, too. One of my favorites is how Chrissa learns to swim to her potential (instead of holding back so she doesn’t beat Mean Bee Jayden) and becomes a leader for her team in the process. 

We have lots of Chrissa photos today… enjoy!

American Girl Chrissa, Gwen, Sonali

Our dolls have been living in “Chrissa’s World” this week. Chrissa is wearing her Sundress, Gwen is in her meet outfit and Sonali is in her meet outfit. Chrissa’s pet llama, Starburst is a favorite of the dolls.

American Girl Chrissa

In the background we have Chrissa’s picnic table and party treats. This is one set that we have gotten tons of play value from – so glad we got it!

American Girl Gwen

One of my favorite American Girl dolls, Gwen, caused quite a stir in the media following her release. In Chrissa’s story, Gwen is homeless (until the end when she moves into an apartment) and the media decided to make a big deal about how AG as a premium brand was selling a “homeless doll.” Honestly, I don’t think most of the reporters who made such a fuss about it ever read Chrissa’s story!

Sonali was originally one of the “Mean Bees” in the story but ended up becoming one of Chrissa’s best friends. Sonali is very difficult to find on the secondary market (eBay, etc) now.

Marisol is modeling Chrissa’s Swim Team gear (there are also goggles and a kick board, but they are in the other box that I did not get out for photos) and Kanani is modeling Chrissa’s Swim Team warm up outfit. Since Natalie has been swimming competitively since she was 6, Chrissa is naturally one of her favorite stories ever! Her movie has been watched countless times.

Kailey is modeling Chrissa’s pajamas which are actually my least favorite piece of her collection. I do not like the material of the pants and the top is a bit short. You can see her texter on the table – this is a fun accessory for the collection.

Nicki says it is too hot to be wearing Chrissa’s snow gear and refused to put on the snowshoes, pink hat and mittens that go with it, but she agreed to sit in the snow tube.

This is an old photo of Chrissa in the complete snow outfit. 

Chrissa’s collection also included a Craft Studio complete with a sewing machine and supplies. 

Julie is wearing Chrissa’s meet dress and having tea with Starburst.

From Paris – Bella wearing Chrissa’s meet outfit.

From Hannah – Chrissa’s meet dress was offered as a Purchase with Purchase in 2011 ($15 with a $50 purchase) and Ivy looks adorable in it!

Madelon’s Chrissa looks ready to win in her Team Warm Up.

Bailey’s Chrissa in her meet outfit.

Bailey’s Chrissa in her snow outfit.

What is your favorite item/outfit from Chrissa’s collection?

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