Of all the Girl of the Year dolls from American Girl, Mia the girl from 2008, is one of my favorites that I don’t have.

The synopsis of her book reads: Mia St. Clair is a ten-year-old girl living in upstate New York. She has grown up playing ice hockey wit her three older brothers on the pond behind their house. Mia’s got the skills and the scrappiness it takes to be a star hockey player, but she’s tired of skating in her brothers’ shadows and has decided to follow her heart and pursue figure skating instead. Does she have what it takes to grow and compete as a figure skaters?  When a new coach arrives, Mia finds herself gently pushed by the coach at the same time that she’s pulled by her brothers. Can she stay true to her heart and follow her own path? Can she hold her own in a world of competitive skating?

The first four photos are from Jean who says, I purchased Mia used in the summer and received her bed/desk , 2 pairs of skates, her hair care set, all the bedroom extras, her meet outfit & the skate outfit Saige is wearing, some other items that are not Mia accessories. Super excited about the find because Mia has gorgeous hair and was looking for her. By the way the desk/ bed combo is great! Has a book shelf on one side, a futon  bed that folds up to a sofa & closet shelves and a couple drawers! Hooks to hang skates and a jacket!

Mia and Saige modeling Mia’s collection.

Mia’s desk and chair.

Mia’s bed.

Madelon sent in a photo of her Mia wearing her meet outfit.

And did you know Mia had a computer game for girls, too?

From Angela – In the photos we have Mia’s Hair Clips and Case. It includes 2 silvery bobby pins, 6 star-shaped hair clips, 10 blue elastics, 12 U-shaped bobby pins, 20 clear elastics, a sliver tiara, a mini version of the old Doll Hair Book, a luggage tag, and a silver colored hair brush. Also in the photo is a picture of Mia’s meet shoes, blue high-top sneakers with pink laces.

And from Allison, Emily and Saige modeling two of Mia’s outfits.

From Mimi, we have Mia in her Practice Outfit.

Also from Mimi, Mia in part of her 2 in 1 Skate Outfit.

And finally this gorgeous photo of Mia close up from Mimi.

From Marjorie – another look at part of Mia’s 2-in-1 skate outfit. The other part is a hockey jersey, stick, and puck.  The mittens are arm length, and attach to the sweater with buttons. I love them!

A group photo from Marjorie showing some of Mia’s collection. Emily is wearing her practice outfit, Kirsten is wearing the jersey and hat from her 2-in-1skate outfit, Josefina is wearing one of the recital outfits, and then there’s Mia in the outfit she came in: sweater (with cute thumbholes!), skirt, sneakers, and pink tights.

And a great find plus mini story about Mia from Diana – Here is Mia as a story so everyone can see the bed.  I found her bed/desk at goodwill for $15, I cleaned it up and made the mattress and pillows and blanket.  Then I found a chair that would fit the desk and I painted it to match the furniture. I originally bought the Mia starter collection, but nothing else, then I found this.  In my crazy garage sale hunts I found a Mia in pretty bad shape and her hair was cut off, the lady sold her to me for $2, I cleaned her up and sent her to the AG doll hospital for a new head, so here she is, overall cost $47.

If you have any photos of Mia or her collection, there is still time to send them in. Just email them to me at share@dolldiaries.com today and I will add them to this post.

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