GOTY 2012 McKenna starter set

When we were at the American Girl store yesterday, we just had to check out McKenna and her collection for ourselves. While I really love her starter set, especially the exclusive warm ups, the practice outfit part of her set is already sold out and on backorder. We had considered picking her up yesterday while we were there, but decided to just wait until her whole starter collection is back in stock. We already have her gymnastics equipment, her school outfit and her pajamas – all of which we love.

McKenna's rain gear

After seeing McKenna’s Rain Boots and Umbrella up close, I have to say I was somewhat “under-impressed.” The set is $34 and consists of just the boots and the umbrella. The boots are not as vibrant as I expected they would be in person and the umbrella looks cheap.

McKenna's Loft

McKenna’s Loft Bed is definitely a fun piece, but it is already backordered, too. There are so many neat little details in the set from the hamster to the books, to the alarm clock, McKenna’s trophy and the bulletin board – it could keep you entertained for hours.

Our favorite part of McKenna’s collection was the big photo op spot they had created in the store where you can pose next to a cardboard cut-out of McKenna.

Here is Natalie mimicking McKenna’s pose. If you are wondering what is all over Natalie’s arms – she had just come from a swim meet. She had her events written on her arms (one for Saturday’s events and one for Sunday’s events) and on her team if you get a personal best in a race the coach gives you a temporary tattoo with the team’s logo on it. Natalie had four personal bests so she was sporting four temporary tattoos.

And here is Natalie “coaching” McKenna as she makes sure McKenna’s hands are positioned correctly. I forgot to pack Natalie a jacket so she had to use my Adidas jacket to keep from freezing outside.

Until we get McKenna, our MyAG #39, Ivy and some of the other dolls will just have to play with McKenna’s gymnastics equipment and wear her clothes. I will share pictures of Ivy wearing McKenna’s school outfit later today.