It’s no secret, I have fallen for these 16″ lovelies known as Wilde Imagination Ellowyne dolls. It started with Dark Days, who I named Elle and most recently I have added Going in Circles (Blair) and Raw Edges (Aine – it’s Irish and it’s pronounced Anya) to the collection. I got an email from a reader last week letting me know that Wilde Imagination was having a good sale and when I checked it out I found it very hard to resist the beautiful deep red hair and purple outfit that Raw Edges was wearing.

Here are some of the photos I have taken recently of all three girls:

Ellowyne Wilde Dolls

Here we have Elle and Blair wrapped up in my favorite scarf posing for a photo contest from Shugashug.

Ellowyne Going in Circles

Blair heard guests were coming so she went to get more dishes from The Queen’s Treasures China Hutch.

Ellowyne Wilde

Elle is showing Blair the nail polish collection in Megan’s room.

Ellowyne Wilde Raw Edges

Meet the new girl on the block, Raw Edges who I have named Aine for her gorgeous red hair and my strong emotions for Ireland right now.

Ellowyne Wilde Raw Edges

Isn’t she just beautiful!! Her hair style is unique and I felt like it was a little severe so…

Ellowyne Wilde Raw Edges

Elle and Blair helped Aine take her hair down.  Her hairstyle was secured to her head with tiny stitches and even pins in places. Something tells me she may have had a headache!

Ellowyne Raw Edges

Aine’s hair is actually very long!! It is very silky and I will have fun with it.

Ellowyne Raw Edges

And here it is from the back. Since I have a bit of Brave on the brain right now, I am thinking I may try giving Aine some tight curls all over. Stay tuned!

I just love seeing the different personalities that come through in each of the dolls. For example, Elle is definitely the bossy one in our group, but she has a sense of style and likes material things. Blair is sensitive and more insightful – you probably will find her curled up with a book on a Saturday afternoon or singing. Aine is much more serious. She thinks everything through, loves challenges – and playing Words with Friends.

More Ellowyne photos from our readers and of course from my Ellowynes in the days to come.