One of our regular contributors, Madelon, recently ordered some items from The Queen’s Treasures and was kind enough to share the photos with us.

Each of the food sets she bought were $6.99 but if you spent $50 they were half price.

The Queen's Treasures doll food

She ordered this set of mini cupcakes which are really cute. The bakery box is a nice touch.

The Queens Treasures doll Cupcake

Take a look at the detail on the top of this cupcake.

The Queens Treasures doll Cupcake

Madelon also ordered this set of three cupcakes.

This is the Princess Party two layer cake, but it is on the small size, more like a mini cake.

The assorted cookies are also sweet.

Yummy! It makes me want to go make something sweet, too.

Thanks for sharing these photos with us Madelon.