Here is what the cover of the book looks like:

Lanie Book Cover

As the release date for the American Girl of the Year – GOTY 2010 gets closer and closer, we are starting to get more clues as to who she is and what her stories will be all about. I think we can confirm that the name of the American Girl GOTY 2010 will be Lanie based on the screen capture of Chapters.ca website that was just sent to me by Hannah’s mom:

American Girl doll Girl of the Year GOTY 2010 Lanie

Thanks to the fabulous Doll Diaries readers who help find all the best doll scoop!!

UPDATE – we have more info on the book storylines:

So, we still don’t have any pictures of Lanie, the American Girl of the Year (GOTY) for 2010, but we are getting more details based on the storylines from her books.
Lanie feels like she never gets to have any adventures, but her aunt helps her discover the wonders of nature in her own backyard.
When Lanie’s neighbor threatens to get rid of the garden, she must learn to spread the word about the benefits of natural gardening.
The books are available for pre-order through Amazon and have a release date of December 28, 2009.