If you (or your Mom or Grandmother) were a little girl in the 1940’s to 1960’s there is a really good chance you had a Terri Lee doll or had a friend who had one. The 15″ play dolls had a wide range of outfits and accessories, stylable hair, and even had a magazine at one point. Original Terri Lee dolls are very hard to find nowadays, but a new generation of girls can now have their own Terri Lee thanks to family members who have started producing this American classic again.

The team at Terri Lee sent us a doll to review and we will be doing a giveaway for a Terri Lee doll next month.

New Terri Lee doll

The Terri Lee dolls come in a sturdy trunk-like box complete with a handle. This is perfect for keeping all the doll’s belongings together. We received “Swing into Spring” which is one of four primary outfits that the dolls come dressed in. In the Terri Lee collection there are three basic dolls – light skin with blonde hair, medium skin with brown hair, and dark skin with brown hair. They are all just so cute.

New Terri Lee doll

Here is our Terri Lee out of her box. She is definitely modeled after a toddler and is supposed to look like one, too. She has super chubby little cheeks, her lips are somewhat pouty and her knees are not entirely straight.

New Terri Lee doll

Look at those huge brown eyes!! How could you not just love her! The Swing into Spring outfit she comes dressed in is a pink baby doll style dress that velcros up the back and has a poofy slip underneath. She is wearing white ankle socks, white patent Mary Janes and a pink hat. Very vintage styling but the material and color will appeal to little girls of today.

Terri Lee doll compared to Bitty Baby

Since Terri Lee dolls are styled to look like toddlers and are meant as play dolls (although I bet they are popular with adult doll collectors too), I was curious to see how she looks compared to American Girl’s Bitty Baby who is also a 15″ doll. Bitty doesn’t stand well on her own so she is a little slouched.  The dolls are about the same size although Terri Lee is a little skinnier. The Terri Lee doll does not have the soft body like Bitty Baby.

Terri Lee Doll vs Bitty Twins

Here is Terri Lee next to the American Girl Bitty Twin who is a little more grown up than Bitty with her stylable hair. I am pretty sure Terri Lee could wear Bitty’s clothes but not necessarily the other way around.

Terri Lee doll

Terri Lee comes packaged with her hair in a net so that it doesn’t get messed up in transit. When I took the hair net out, I was amazed at how pretty her curls are! Her hair is very soft and I think it will be easy to style, too. I will have to try a new style later but Natalie made me promise I wouldn’t mess up her doll’s hair while she was at school, so I have to keep my word!

The Terri Lee dolls are available on the Terri Lee website for $39.99. They are themed after the seasons with names like “Summer by the Sea,” “Ready for Recess,” “Winter Wonderland” and “Swing Into Spring.” In addition to the doll shop, the Terri Lee website is full of doll history and there are some cute online activities that girls of all ages will enjoy including dress up, a matching game and online color-by-number. We have teamed up with Terri Lee to share the color-by-number pages as printables for you, too. Check back later today and I will have them posted.