So, so sorry for posting this late today, but Natalie had a swim meet yesterday and today.  I hope you had a great week, too, and are ready to take a look at what everyone’s dolls have been up to.

From Sabrina. I want to give you a Bradford Exchange doll review. My Grandma gave me a Bradford Exchange doll.They are an 18 inch doll just like American Girl dolls. If you look on their neck each of them have a name – my doll is Heather. It also says 1992  and by Joke Grobben. They can’t quite move their arms as much. Their bodies are not as wide as American Girl dolls either. They are very very beautiful dolls and I love mine!

This is one of the super cute dresses that Rachel’s aunt made for her doll.

Madelon and her daughter went to an American Girl Fashion Show charity event last week. There was a McKenna prize package and a Caroline prize package you could enter to win. She also included a photo of the runway where the girls and their dolls would walk down to model the outfits. And she also won some cupcakes from the very yummy Georgetown Cupcake.

From Noelle – Churchill (Meatloaf) loves Kanani and Kanani loves Churchill.

Another very cool photo from Noelle!

From Clara – My 8 year old daughter is a huge fan of the Doll Diaries, American Girl dolls and…Rick Riordan.  Here is her doll (Mia) dressed in her homemade costume as Zia Rashid -Egyptian magician from the book “The Red Pyramid”). Thought we’d share! Our dolls always love to read just as much as we do!

From Agnieszka – While I’m dreaming about Amelia and talking about her all the time, my darling Lillian is doing her best to look Victorian for me.

From Katie – today was a beautiful day so I took my dolls out for a family photoshoot.

Another photo from Sabrina – My doll Charrlote (MyAG) and I went on a photo shoot in my backyard. This was my favorite photo! She is wearing a mermaid costume that my Grandma made me. She is standing by a tree in my backyard.

From Iris – We had some rain this week so I dressed Ruthie, and my little sisters Olivia, in matching outfits. I really liked this outfit from American Girl.

From Sheila on our Facebook page: Ruthie, Kanani, Charlotte & Julie had lot’s of fun making the fabulous Thanksgiving craft that Doll Diaries posted at their blog.

From Karen K on Facebook: Her new Amber Disquietude from Wilde Imagination. Amber is one of Ellowyne’s friends.

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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