Thank you for patiently waiting for today’s Sunday Showcase to be posted! Natalie had another swim meet this morning and we just got back.

From Christina – It is my new Saige and my Doll Without Hair named Julie, with Addy peeking in!

From Erin (An Australian AG Fan) – My McKenna loves spending hot, December days out in the yard. She’s an outdoors type of girl.

From Alyssa – After Kit recovered from being sick this was her first day back photo!

From Karis – some of my dolls wearing the first few outfits I got ever got, in order left to right- Megan (Dana, JG), Julian Star (Julie Historical), Kanani Grace (Kanani, GOTY), Blu (Chrissa, GOTY) and on the bottom row we have Johanna Kellyn (Sonali, GOTY Friend).

From Hannah B. – Kit and Molly decided to enjoy the nice weather by taking Bennett and Grace for a walk.

From Paris– welcome to my house!

From Jessica – Our dolls are having so much fun dressing up the minis in Moxie Girlz clothing that we got for $1.50 during a Toys R Us sale on cyber Monday. We have tons more and hope to take more photos soon, but wanted to share these before Moxie Girlz discontinues these cute dresses.

From Becky – Pajama party time!

From Stephanie – This is my new MyAG#34 that I got for Christmas. Her name is Zoey. She’s showing off the adorable Doll Diaries tee I won from the Happy Dollidays contest last month.

From Diana – Felicity has been welcomed by her new friends Marie Grace, Cecile and Elizabeth.  She is joining them for tea, Argos got so excited to see a new friend he is jumping on Marie Grace for a better look.

From Aileen – My name is Aileen and I’m a 31 year old mom. I just wanted to share pictures of my first 18″ doll and the first doll I’ve bought in YEARS! (I used to mainly collect Barbies) She is a Madame Alexander Favorite Friends doll and I have named her Lexi. I think she’s the most beautiful doll I’ve ever seen!

From Diana – Dabbie did go shopping and got this new outfit from AG weekly sales (came today), I have combined the Feeling Good outfit with the Spirit accessories (both were on sale this week), and I think she looks awesome!  Well, she had to go to the ATM to get some more many since she was down to her last dollar.  Isn’t this adorable?   Found the ATM at, (you guessed it) Goodwill for .99 cents.  It is suppose to be a coin bank for kids, it really works and makes sounds.  The blue stand I also found at Goodwill and it has a perfect height.

From Agnieszka – There is a lot of snow in Poland again and it’s freezing cold. But Veronika (Carpatina) loves such weather. We went for a walk to visit a palace and she  looked as if she really belonged there! We walked in the park  surrounding the palace and as usual it was hard to persuade her to go back home.

From Del – My doll Carolina-Grace (renamed Caroline) had fun being Cinderella this week!

From Railey – I just finished making this shower from the myfroggystuff video! I think it turned out adorable! XD So, I just wanted to share it with all you guys!!! And btw Mia loves her DollDiaries tshirt! (She hasn’t taken it off since Christmas!)

From Jane – This is one of many pictures I took of my first American Girl doll, Caroline. One of my New Years resolutions is to take a photo shoot each month of Caroline! If you are wondering about her outfit, it came with an outfit my little sister got at Kohls.

From Nina – This is Mary, my first AG.

From Julia – Josefina, Bambi, and Samantha are having a pj party. They decided to bring along their pets. Josefina is a Mattel doll, and she is wearing her pjs and some ag socks that I forget where I got them. Bambi is also a Mattel doll, and she is wearing the honey puppy pjs. Samantha is a pre Mattel doll and she is wearing a night gown I got at kohls and the store exclusive pj set.

From Susannah – “Bonjour from Nellie!” Nellie loves visiting new places! She has always dreamed of going to Paris, and now she finally has! She is seen looking at her map trying to find the best place to try some escargot, aka, snails!

We got SOOOO MANY pictures this week which is awesome, but since you have been so patient, here is part one! Enjoy these and if you don’t see your photo check back in a little while because I am going to start working on part two now.