Happy Sunday! I am enjoying a second rainy day and while I prefer for the sun to be out, there is something so relaxing about a gentle spring rain. And by the way, today is Kit’s birthday so if you have a Kit birthday photo, go ahead and send it in so I can add it to the Kit post.

We have lots of great photos this week! Enjoy!

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose decided to take advantage of the warm day and do some birdwatching. Katherine is wearing the hat and coat and carrying some bird identification cards ( the little basket is my own) from the retired Samantha Collection. The binoculars also came with the outfit and are really cute.. Rose is wearing a Maplelea outfit and her camera is a repurposed keychain. She is carrying their snacks and water in a basket that I have repurposed into their picnic basket.

Also from Cordelia – In this picture, Rose has spotted some birds in the lilac bush and is pointing out her discovery to  Katherine who is getting her binoculars ready for a closer look. Can any of the members of the Doll Diaries community help Katherine and Rose identify these two birds?

From Stephanie J – Here’s a picture of my two blonde-haired, blue-eyed AGs – Kirsten and Kit. I got Kirsten in 1995 and Kit in 2011. You wouldn’t think they would look so different considering their similarities, but they do!

From Elly – This is Saige with her new colored pencils in their case. (They really work and come with a pencil sharpener and eraser) She got the at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

From Grace –  I made this dress using a pattern for Kirsten’s school dress. it’s meant to be the brown dress Laura wears in the little house on the prairie books (I can’t remember which book exactly but she wears it the Christmas she receives the fir muff). My sister did Kirsten’s loop braids on her and I think Saige makes and excellent Laura/pioneer girl (she has a load of freckles from neglecting her sun bonnet.

Teamwork!! From Alyssa.

I’m Yelp, also known as AG-obsessed. I would like to show you 2 of my dolls, Mia and Kyle. Mia is (as you know) GOTY 2008, but Kyle is a little more than that. I took my 2009 GOTY Chrissa and since I didn’t play with her as a girl anymore, I rewigged her into a boy doll named Kyle. Kyle and Mia are now twins, and they really like your blog.

Suzanne got Essential Ellowyne 5 for her birthday (in March) from her husband and daughter.

And Suzanne’s birthday present to herself – Miss Molly!

From Madison – My American Girl pets – Left to right: Coconut, Licorice, Sugar, Pepper, And Ginger

From Bethany M – Magical Glimmers trailer for her upcoming video – cute.

From PaperDollWorld – Juliet is deciding what to pack for Camp Doll Diaries. A shirt like April’s is definitely a must!

Here is my Cat Valentine doll. She is gorgeous and her hair is so fun to brush and style. Here she is using a Broadway poster as her background . From Gracekelly.

From Ashleigh –  Cleo hopes there’s no more rain… Ever! She’s not used to it, coming from the desert and all…

From Maya – Harmony Jade (FKA Saige) is wearing McKenna’s Meet Outfit!  I think it suits her better than McKenna!

From Violet – When I went to Chicago my doll Violet wore her Doll Diaries tee one day. If you would like to see more pictures of Violet, you can visit her blog at www.theamazingworldofviolet.blogspot.com.

From RaeRae. Oh no,Maddie has brought me an American Girl catalogue,and told me she needed new clothes,but I think she needs a job!

 Agoverseasfan made a stop motion of her doll’s talking about the mini Saige that is speculated to be coming out in July.

From Joanne – Big Lake, Alaska; Kaya wants to know why there is snow on May 18th!!!! She is ready to go fishing for salmon and hunting for blueberries and cant do that if the snow never leaves.

From Sophia – Saige decided to help her friend Caroline who wasn’t feeling well by taking Garnet her calf for a walk. Garnet enjoys sniffing the plants in our garden and getting fresh air the most when he goes for walks.

From Bailey – This came a week ago but I forgot to send in a photo! It came just in time for my birthday! (May 14th) I love it so much! Thank you Doll Diaries!

From Noelle – a cool photo of her friend’s Saige.

Also from Noelle – her friend’s Saige enjoying the garden.

From Julia – Bambi is daydreaming about allergy season coming to an end. Both me and her have really bad allergies!

Thanks so much for sending in so many beautiful photos this week!

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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