Spring Break is OVER! While it wasn’t as warm as we had hoped, it was still a nice week. It looks like you all had a busy week, too, based on all the great photos you sent in. Let’s get started!

From Paper Doll World – my two paper Blythe dolls, Meredith (in the ice cream dress) and Quinn.

Madelon visited Williamsburg and found this gorgeous Madame Alexander doll while she was there.

From Abbi – my new doll Marie Grace.

From Judith – Easter Morning – Starting from the top going clockwise in the dark pink dress is Christina then Tove, Jenny and Sandie.  All except for Tove are Our Generation, Tove is Madame Alexander.  Christina is sporting the dress she came in and the other girls are wearing custom made dresses.  The green dress worn by Sandie was made by my daughter.  The girls are enjoying their Easter treats (idea gleaned from Doll Diaries) and have received Easter greetings in their mailbox.

From Diana – Spring Break! What a wonderful time and McKenna gets to go to her grandma’s plantation home. There she finds her cousin Lily, they both share their grandma’s blue eyes. McKenna’s dog Doddles loves to roam the plantation, he seems to spot several bunnies and baby chicks, but do not worry Doodle knows not to scare them.

McKenna is wearing the outfit from the Bitty Baby collection Mix n Match, she is holding her new panda bear. Lily (Gotz Little Sister) is wearing a dress from Carpatina from their 18″ dress collection.

From Emmalee – Saige, Julie, Liz and Alexis were all in a parade to bring back Olympic Grill. Saige was leading the parade  on her horse named Mona Lisa. Julie and Liz (Elisabeth) were in the help save Olympic Grill float.  Alexis (McKenna) was in the shooting star gymnastics float.

From Erica B. – This is a picture of Kanani (GOTY 2011) and Erica (MAG) having a sleepover! Kanani is wearing a bathrobe and pajama pants that are from a Walmart brand, and Erica is wearing a nightgown made by my grandmother’s friend. They are reading a mini comic book that came with a baby mouse book my sister bought. Kanani is holding mini American Girl Nellie, and Erica is holding a Monster High Clawdeen Plushie.

From Mimi P. – Shiloh (Saige) looks great in her latest photoshoot!

Quita was one of the Springfield doll suitcase and outfit winners. The outfit looks great on her doll!

From Alyssa – McKenna in her new braces.

This is PART 1 of today’s showcase. Part 2 will be posted in a little while 😉