What a beautiful day it is here! I hope you had a great week and can enjoy your Sunday as well. Thank you for all the great photos you have sent in this week!

From Tony – Jane and Elizabeth wanted to have a picnic outside, but it’s raining. So they had to have the picnic inside. They are having their favorites – gingerbread cakes, apples, grapes, and pink lemonade. Ginger, the cat, is napping as usual.

From Gracekelley – I went to Calling All Dolls in Colbalt CT and saw so many displays. Here is the Colonial display.

From Alyssa – Saige in dreamland.

From Anna G – Henry behind a full size typewriter. “Henry Patrick Siegel 4/15/13 It is a nice day. I hope I will get to go to the playground later with Momma. She is so nice to me and my sister, Lily. I like brownies. Maybe someday we will gat to meet Samantha Parkington. We really like her. She lives on Long Island– at least, that,s what Momma says. Now it is time for lunch. My sisters are under an umbrella, but we,re inside and it is sunny out.They are goofy sometimes. My biggest sister wrote this and I just dktatd.” (Rewritten with original errors.)

From Madison Y – My dolls Ivy, Molly, Mini Molly, Dana, and Julie.

From Beth – my American Girls on parade with Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, Samantha, Kit, Anne, Meg and Anneliese.

From Skylar – Saige enjoying her coffee at the office.

From Lexa – This photo is of a necklace I made for my American Girl doll, Naomi Pearl. ( That’s what NP stands for)

From Erica B – In the land of porcelain dolls, V.G. (The smart one, on the left) is always using her Rubix cube, and Carol ( The rocker , on the right), is always using her music!

From Noelle – Meet my new doll Erin! She is MAG #41 I bought her with my own money and I love her so much. I am very excited they day after the “Sunday Showcase” Is posted it’s my birthday!!!!! Hurray!

From Eileen – This is Violet (#42) at the stream behind our house. Violet’s blog: www.theamazingworldofviolet.blogspot.com

From Rachel – This a outfit I found at Target. It is a pink dress with hearts and music notes, a silver belt, silver shoes, and a violin and bow. Since I am a violinist my mom bought it for me. It is a very well made dress. It is a very good replica of a violin, except for the word Barbie on it.

From Maddy – Over vacation I went to the National Black Doll History Museum in Mansfeild, MA. There were all kinds of different exhibits. Some of the exhibits were Cabbage Patch Dolls, Sports, Barbies etc. They also teach you how to make dolls! After I looked at the gift shop. There I got this Holiday Collector Barbie for only $15! I am going to keep her in the box since she is really SPECIAL!

From Julia – Saige made a new friend! His name is Galvin and he is from the Ty punkies collection!

From Kayley – Gemma explores the outdoors.

From Madelon – Yesterday was Look-alike Day. Which of your dolls look alike?

From Cordelia – Katherine is peeking in the oven to see if the cake that she and Rose made is ready yet. They are looking forward to tasting the result of their work!

From Venus – Slumber party! GOTYs Lanie, Kanani, McKenna, and Saige are in their pj’s, ready to have fun (sleeping!)

 From Natalia – Dell’s spring photoshoot.

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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