This is the second part of today’s Sunday Showcase. Due to the large number of photos submitted this week (which is awesome, thank you) and the fact that I am working on these in between events at a swim meet today, I will be posting a PART THREE this evening. If you don’t see your photo in part 1 or 2, check back again this evening for part 3.

From Noelle – Eva is enjoying the Sunlight! It’s so warm!


Hi my name is Sabrina! Friday and Saturday I got something new! I got my first Springfield doll Carolina(Emma,but I named her)! Also I got a new horse for Saige and her name is Chocolate Chip! I got this horse at a discount store for $10.00 so we had to get it! I got Carolina for $12 because I had a 40% off coupon! Chocolate Chip is a Paradise Horse! I recommend both!!! In my picture Carolina is secretly getting on Saige’s horse before she wakes up! Hope that Saige won’t catch her! 

From Pretty Irish AG – I decided to spend my MLK/Inauguration Day making most of these cuties. They might be my table markers at my graduation/birthday party. The one I just made is in the center of the top row.

From Marcia – McKenna posing for the camera.

From Claire – Dahlia (Lanie) is practicing her aerials for gymnastics. I found an easy way to take pictures of a doll doing an aerial. You use the doll play stand upside down and put the doll in it.

From Cordelia – Here are Rose (McKenna) and Katherine (Samantha) posing in their Valentine’s Day finery before sitting down to their tea party. Both chose Maplelea outfits for the occasion, although Katherine’s shoes and tights are from her “meet outfit” and the oversize hairbows are their own creations! Peeking out from under the table is Rose’s pet, CiCi, a Maplelea pet named Cinnamon.

Another one from Cordelia – Here, Rose (McKenna) is giving Katherine (Samantha) a valentine that she made using the printable from Doll Diaries. We also used the printables to make the “sugar cookies” on the plate and adapted Karen’s ideas for the placemats, plates, napkins and the vase on the shelf in the background.

And finally from Cordelia – The dolls are enjoying their Valentin’s Day tea party. They adapted Jen’s idea, as featured in Doll Diaries, to decorate their tearoom.

From Agnieszka – At last, after all this serious saving, I got myself Amelia! She arrived only a few days ago and on the day she came I didn’t go to bed until 4 o’clock in the morning! I just couldn’t stop admiring her and trying on various outfits on her. She’s LOVELY. (And definitely, I’m sure now that Matilda is next on my wishlist). Amelia became fast friends with my Carpatina dolls and half the night they were busy swapping clothes, posing for the pictures and generally having fun. The picture shows one moment of our late-night party  – Erin is a Victorian girl, Amelia a Medieval princess and Veronika decides to be a modern girl for a change.

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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Remember – this is part two! Part one was posted this morning and part three will be posted this evening.