Thank you for all the wonderful photos you have sent in this week!

From Saoirse – You can’t keep a secret around here! I just got a package from American Girl, I had to rush up stairs and open it secretly. Well anyway,  I was wrapping all the presents when I thought everyone was asleep when somebody came sneaking down the stairs (!). McKenna was wearing her fluffy slippers and I didn’t hear her padding down the stairs. I turned my back for one second and there is McKenna poking and prodding the gift! (P.S the present is a gift box)

From Aubrey –  Here are my dolls posing in front of the Christmas tree. They are standing in front of a tri-fold I made out of posterboard and tissue paper to color the walls. Nellie is blocking the fire I made. On the top row we have Nellie and Rebecca. Kanali (JLY #29) and Samantha are on the bottom row. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

From Laurie – My doll’s table is all ready for Christmas!  I made the plates.

Madelon repurposed an old doll house for mini Caroline. How cute is this?

A beautiful Christmas photo from Noelle!

Carol (Paola Reina) adds a bit of color to this dark and grey December day. From Agnieszka.

From HappySuz – My 5 yr old daughter’s doll, Charlotte, and my new ebay find, Marisol made gingerbread cookies!  I found the cookie cutters at Target for $1, and the oven I made from a Myfroggystuff tutorial.

Pat’s dolls are ready for Christmas – from left to right – Kaya, Kirsten, Josefina, Kit, Addy and Molly.


From Sophie T – Catherine and Marie-Noëlle have been decorating the house for Chirstmas!  They did it in there brand new homemade dresses (we repurposed some old Christmas toddler hats and velvet wine bags for those!).  They also made sure to hang their stockings on the fireplace (inspiration for that one came from Doll Diaries!  Thank you so much for the idea!).


From Sabrina –  My doll are throwing a Christmas party and the theme is the 50’s. My dolls Mallarie and Charlotte (sisters) said let’s wear poodle skirts! My grandma made the poodle skirts for my birthday which was 12-3-12.Mallarie is my new doll I got at the American girl store in La. I also got a book and a outfit!

From Madison – My dolls celebrating Christmas.

Milly, Olivia and Baby, with many pets, ready to celebrate the festive season. From Olive.

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