I love discovering new doll websites and blogs and I know you do, too!  I have three new sites for you this month – enjoy!

1. American Girl Doll Play

Our good friend Jen, who has contributed quite a few great craft ideas to our site, has created a new blog along with her friend Amanda, to share photos, reviews, crafts and doll adventures they are having with their daughters. All of Jen’s crafts are super cute and the photography is always top notch! If you are not already following Jen’s new blog, American Girl Doll Play, you really should be – otherwise you might miss something good!

2. Toferet’s Toy Box

When I picked the winner for the Maru & Friends giveaway, Molly’s name came up. Now I knew she had another blog, one where she has shared some of her sewing expertise, but I didn’t realize she had a blog where she talks about dolls and toys, too. Well, she does. It is called Toferet’s Toy Box and she has some pretty neat write ups on her dolls and action figures, too.  I happen to really like her Vanellope from Wreck It Ralph.

3. Simply Ivy & Always Arizona

If you like photostories, you will LOVE Simply Ivy & Always Arizona, two dolls and their adventures! Her latest photo story about gymnastics practice was very creative and she obviously put a lot of time into creating the scene, taking the photos and writing up the story. Well done!

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