Hey, this is Natalie! I am going to do a spotlight on one of my dolls whenever I have extra time! Today I will be spotlighting Ivy Ling.

I chose Ivy because I love her story and she is also a very pretty doll. Ivy is a historical American Girl doll. She is a best friend doll to Julie the main character. Ivy looks good in just about any outfit you put her in. In this picture of her she is wearing the custom outfit from Mini Me Dolly Divas and she also has the Berry Purse from the American Girl store exclusive Berry bag and shoe set.

We got Ivy in the spring at the American Girl Place and she has been a great addition to the Doll Diaries family. So far she has been the star of many of our photo shoots.

Even though Ivy is best friends with Julie you can also find her hanging around Mckenna and Alex. Ivy does not strike me as a “shopping crazy girl” but, she does love to shop for other stuff like presents for her friends! Ivy is friends with just about everyone in our doll family.

I would recommend getting Ivy because she would be such a sweet addition to any doll family.