I’m not quite sure when I first discovered Steampunk Addie, but her Adventures of Steampunk Addie blog has been on my regular reading list for quite some time. I love the mix of history, doll, and popular culture posts all written from the perspective of Steampunk Addie – an American Girl Addy doll with a larger than life personality. In honor of American Girl historical character Addy’s birthday today, we have a special guest post from Steampunk Addie herself! 


Char has been a loyal fan of mine for simply ages and kindly asked me to write a little bit about myself for my birthday.

Sooo, what do I have to say about myself? Plenty! I was born a slave in North Carolina but Momma and I ran away after Poppa and my brother were sold. We went to Philadelphia where we could be free.

Once there I became involved in the Underground….

And Time Travel!

At least that’s MY story.

Momma says I’m Pleasant Company and she found me somewhere called eBay. She wanted to fix my “weak” eyes. Ha! If she only knew what I could see with these eyes. But that’s another story.

She says that once she saw me she knew I was destined for great things so she started to assemble a great wardrobe.

For my hair, she used hose clamps, ribbon roses, and crocheted snoods.

Being steampunk, I had to have a corset. Momma then took an old tartan dress apart and attached the skirt to a sash and paired it with a nifty green jacket.

Finally, I got a shell necklace, a timepiece, binoculars, some major boots, a couple of hats (one of which she trimmed with a scrap of the tartan dress) and some tinted glasses for my so-called “weak” eyes.

Oh, and my unusually stout parasol!

People liked me so much that I decided to start my own blog. Since then I’ve written a little bit about everything: history, sci-fi, pop culture, books, moving pictures, and steampunk, of course. I’ve also gone on lots of adventures with Momma and my Vinyl American friends.

In fact, I plan on visiting some Civil War battlefields soon … accompanied by Char’s Felicity and Elizabeth. Growing up during the American Revolution, both are curious to see the Civil War from my unique point of view.

This should be interesting.

Stay tuned….

Addie and Clementine are kicking off Addie’s birthday celebration in style!!

Happy Birthday to Addy and Addie! A big thank you to Steampunk Addie’s “Momma” for taking the time to put together this guest post and for making Steampunk Addie – we love her!