We love our Doll Diaries community and love seeing the creative things you are doing with your dolls – from hairstyles, to displays, things you made and things you received! Today we have a few reader submitted photos I want to share with you.

Hairstyle for American Girl Kanani

This is a small side braid into a low ponytail that Lyric did on Kanani’s long hair. I highly recommend keeping Kanani’s hair braided or pulled back in some way when she is not being played with.

American Girl doll hairstyle

And this the the double flip ponytail done on Samantha’s hair. It is also by Lyric.  If you want to know how to do the single flip ponytail, check out Megan’s video that features hairstyles for dolls with bangs. And by the way, I am taking Megan to the doctor this morning and hopefully her cast comes off today!! Keep your fingers crossed please!

This is Hayley’s version of the Waterfall hairstyle. Definitely makes Chrissa look taller!

American Girl doll house

This is a photo that Lauren sent in of the doll apartment in her room. How cool is that! Lucky girl!

As always, if you have something to share – whether it is a photo of your dolls, scoop on something new, or want to write a guest post, email me at share@dolldiaries.com!